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Joyce Evans
Idea Design.
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* African American Health
Donald said:
This site is designed primarily for African American family health issues. Because the primary concerns about health are handled by women in the family, the site is designed to appeal to them. The site uses texture, carefully chosen color palettes and well integrated type and graphics to give a warm, softer look and feel to the site. It strives to give the same eye appeal that a well designed magazine would convey to the reader.

* WDR said: African American family health is delivering a good service to its readers. The site seems well put together, and is obviously the product of much care. Perhaps too much care.

* Joyce Says:
Great job, the site looks very nice, organized well and easy to navigate. The only thing that is a bit diconcerting is that every page is a different color and even different textures.
__ All visitors will feel a bit more comfortable in the site if you pick a color scheme and stick with it throughout the site. Color-coding is a good concept -- different colors can give different meanings to the departments in the site -- you could have different colors at each level, but your readers will be better served by keeping the same texture thoughout!
__ For example, you opening page which looks great in blue, when you enter it would be nice to still see blue, then maybe the next level when you click on any of the links could go to green pages. Blue is nice because it reinforces the calm, subliminal message of 'health'.
__ Other than that you've done a wonderful job, keep it up.

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