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Joyce Evans
Web Reviewer
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... from Idea Design.
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D Said:
This site gives information on creating computer files for print. Also this is an excellent resource to have your files copied,or printed. Coming soon-upload art, design, edit, and have stationary delivered to your address.
Submitted by: D Heckman

Joyce said:

The home page: My eyes bounce around and don't know where to focus, when they do it's on the Newsletter icon. This probably is not where you want me to be focusing.

The cartoony icons don't really flow with the rest of your site.

Your photo of the building; has a page curl, but I don't see a reason for it, it's not curling to reveal something. Effects are wonderful and need to have a purpose.

The list of services is difficult to read, and is too wordy, the List of Products actually fits the services description better and is easier to read.

I'd suggest using a font color easier to read than yellow.

In closing I would recommend making the checklist a list, not a huge paragraph that one may be inclined not to read.

Hope this helps you make a sussessful site for your business, you have an excellant start here.

Joyce Evans Idea Design

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