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__ Information and Trade resource for the printing industry and graphic arts. News, features, trade directory. New on yesterday - notice board for posting of news and announcements. No registration, straight in at the deep end so we will see what happens. You know the printing industry so you know what a lot of hard nuts they are to crack. Any feedback is welcome, I have grown a very thick skin.

Connect-focus on print

Joyce says:

I stopped by today to have a look at your site, you don't really need thick skin just an open mind. Your site is easy to navigate and loads quickly, maybe to quickly. What I mean by to quickly is that I don't see a lot of content. Maybe the site is new yet.
__ I have for you are some questions I had and some things to maybe think about.
__ You make this statement on the Home page, "Information on the latest developments in printing and the graphic arts" Where is this information? When I went to the Info Center all that was listed was the Archives. You may want to put some interesting feature on the Home page that makes me want to go further into your site.

__ What is the purpose of having an updated on, listed? Why I ask is because it doesn't seem to be to your benefit to have a date of Nov on your home page that states "latest developments etc." I did see one date that was current, but I also saw that the Trades page hasn't been updated since September. This may lead people to think that no one else thinks your site is worth visiting so maybe they shouldn't either. I'm not saying this is the case, just what old pages could indicate.
__ The forum area only has two question and no responses, again it appears on one comes here. Maybe you could generate some traffic by participating in related news groups, possible contact some vendors for information that would be relevant to the industry, well you get the idea.
__ In the Archive section I looked at one article and notice the text runs across the entire screen, you may want to consider shorting up the lines. Really long lines are hard to read on a monitor.
__ I noticed you've used the Arial font, which is easy to read on the PC with the alternative of Helvetica for the Mac, but the font for the text links is different and hard to read
__ The last point I'd like to make is that your navigation buttons would look more professional if they were smaller or if they just weren't. A simpler navigation bar would go great with your other elements of style.
__ For the most part all of these comments are relatively minor; I think your biggest challenge ahead of you is to generate traffic and interest to your site. You may want to have a contest or drawing to get people there. Some of your sponsors or even new sponsors may be willing to put up the prize. Ok, you can take off your thick skin now and put on your thinking cap.


Now Fred has to throw in his 2-cents worth...

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