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IRONWORKS Critique continues...

Then because I'm doing a review (and only beacause of this, otherwise I'd just leave and never come back) I used IE5 and got a totally different view.

The first thing you should consider it the impact of having your business site on hypermart with their advertising banners. Your image on the home page is nice and that advertising really detracts from your whole site. It also suggests that your business isn't doing well enough to afford a real hosting service. For a great deal on domain names see footnote below.
__ I like the fade in effect that you did for the IE browser, now just learn to code for both browsers and your are all set. I found the load time to be acceptable. Oh, and please remove the under construction sign on the Home page, besides not being the thing to do, it is really bad looking.
__ It's great that you have two language versions available. It would be really cool to have the title of the page look like it was done with wrought iron.
__ In IE browserw what I think is supposed to be your left border (it was in Netscape anyway, is now in the center of the page). Your image map is quite nice but a bit vague and difficult to read. See here You can read this font when it is on the yellow but when it goes over the image it is almost impossible. I don't think you want to make your potential customers frustrated by not being able to find what they are looking for. For some fantastic advice on site navigation check out Jakob Nielsons book "Designing Web Usability"

The Gallery: One more suggestion, the text below your image map is difficult to read with the large drop shadow behind it.
I would pick a more legible font for the labels.
__ I almost forgot, there is another item to look at. The navigation on the right. Here is picture of it when I clicked on one of the choices.
__ I don't know what those boxes with the dots are, it looks like it is supposed to be bullets but they look rather strange. The text butted right up against them also make it difficult to read.
__ You have an excellant start here, please let us know when it is complete, I know I'd love to see some your work.


Fred Comments:
You're exactly right, Joyce. When we arrived on this site the Hypermart persona was ever present. each new page that loaded got a new banner... usually animated and blinkind furiously.
__ We have an ironworks client too. I know that just one piece of this work carries a heafty price tag, a percentage of which could easily pay for a year's hosting in advance.

RE: Easy Hosting is one of the best sites we've found for domain registration. Much better than Network Solutions

Footnote: The information on the Easy Hosting Domains
I found a company in Canada, that sell .com .net and .org names for $15 Canadian, that translates into about $10 to $11 US depending on the exchange rate on any given day. You can pay for one year at a time and park it for free until you get a hosting service. Of couse they are offering this because they hope you will host with them. I have used the service and it is free if you do your own transfer. It was really easy to do and they did everything they claimed with no hidden costs.


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