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Joyce Evans
Idea Design.

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The Author said:
IRONWORKS Wrought Iron, hand forged pieces of Art Ironworks of Art by Lazar Urumov and Ivan Ganev: wrought iron, architectural iron, railings, ironmongery, gates, lighting fixtures, candleware... __ Creative (Artists, Sculptors, Gallery, etc.) Stoyan Petrov

Joyce comments...

I went to your site using the browser of my choice which is Netscape 4.7. The first point I would like to deal with is the page I arrived at by clicking the home page image. Here is a screen shot of what I saw.
__ As you can see the right navigation (which in my opinion should be on the left) the grey scoll bar really disrupts your design by being on the right.
__ Then I notice a small note about being designed for Internet Explorer. Don't do this!!! It is extremely offensive, my first reaction to this is "you presume to tell me which browser to use?"
__ I'll comment about what is seen here because regardless of your browser warning some people will still be using Netscape. Your navigation on the right is totally unusable as you can see in the example.
__ A counter is considered very unprofessional as well. You can get page counts from a "real" server or if you plan on keeping hypermart then I'd just forget about the counter. Along these lines, please remove the under construction notice also. How you could handle it is to make all your interior pages and simply put coming soon. Better yet, don't make the site live until it is complete or at least until you have a sampling in each area. Then you could have some actual content with a - more to be added soon.
__ Then because I'm doing a review (and only beacause of this, otherwise I'd just leave and never come back) I used IE5 and got a totally different view...

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