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Joyce Evans
Idea Design.
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__ Nice site, needs color and size adjustment...
Paint Shop Pro
POP-Up Samples: Before, and After

The Author said:
Using Paint Shop Pro as Alternative to Photoshop -- he benefit is to let the reader know about using Paint Shop Pro version 6.0 instead of purchasing the expensive Photoshop 5.5 program in order to create digital graphics in today's world. Shirley

Joyce critiques:
This is very nice of you to try and share your newly learned skills with others. Here are a few tips to help make your page more readable and a screen shot of a possible change.

1. The various colors are extremely hard to read.
2. A lighter version of the background color would be easier on the eyes
3. See "Table Talk" in this months review section for some table tips.
4. Instead of the colors to distinquish sections, how about colored numbers?

Here is just a quick sample of what you could do.

Keep up the effort.

Also if you'd like a couple of excellant choices in Paint Shop Pro Books check out Paint Shop Pro 6 Visual Insight which is for beginners to intermediate. It has lots of projects in it such as a puzzle and frames, collages, the paint tube and how to use the animation shop. I haven't done a review of this one, but I was the Technical Editor for it.
__ For intermediate users there is Paint Shop Pro Power, this one is quite good also. See my book review section for more information on this one. <g>


Fred says:
Joyce, you've hit the initial points that will help readers get into the content more easliy, and quickly.
__ I'd like to just make a quick comment here, that we must always remember that more narrow line lengths are easier to read. Since this site has the content set to "auto" it's up to the users' monitor to set the line length. From our sample here we can see a 16", 17" or even 20" monitor causes those lines to get very, very long... a barrier to readership.
__ As your "After" example shows, adjusting the width even a little bit causes the type to become much more reader friendly. Good move.
I think they'll find if they restrict that table by either a hard-coded table width, or somewhat less than full screen (maybe 75%) that type will become even nicer.
__ As an example, I've set the table width of our "BEFORE" and "AFTER" windows to be 75% of the monitor width, but centered in the browser window. You can stretch the page out to full width, and watch the table resize itself -- but never more than 75% of the monitor in use.
Good comments, Joyce.

We wish the folks at PaintShopPro all the best.
Keep up the good work... the world needs more PaintShop Pro content!

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