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Joyce Evans
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l'Esprit Provence On-line

This site has a lot going for it, nice colors, good layout, easy navigation and plenty of content.

Your mission statement:

"to import great quality ProvenÁal goods, on a monthly basis, and to offer them at prices almost equal to what you would pay if you were in a market in the South of France ..."

is great, but I'd love to see a market from the South of France. I think a very colorful cheerful photo of a market would liven up the home page tremendously and invite me in to shop, I do love to shop!

A few other observations you may want to consider:

The logo in the side bar could either use some depth or contrast to the link text.

On some of the pages, such as:, the introductory text touches the top of the table, you may want to add a space here.

From the same link above, I clicked on several recipes and the font size for the introductory text is different. I see the inconsistency in font size patterns throughout the site.

Some of these are just minor and visual things that I'd change and you know how subjective design is.

Nice site, keep up the great work, I'll be back to visit and shop around.


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