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This is my site started in about march this year, it's got interviews, reviews, links, column about un-signed bands and some other stuff. The interviews include well known bands like Smash Mouth, Fungus and Millencolin and it also has unsigned bands including The Chineapple Punx, Ciderfex and Milk.

Furry Tree Punk and Metal eZine

Joyce says:

I couldn't stay long, I'm allergic to those pop up banners in my face.
__ There are Free sites such as that are free and no banners at all. The first thing I notice is that you miss-spelled the word available at the top of your page, otherwise the site seems to serve its purpose. It loads quickly enough (after that ___blank___ banner popups again and again) Navigation is simple and even the left bar is Ok. It's cheerful and adds interest to a text-based site.
__ Please do your visitors a favor and move to another free location, you don't want to be responsible for an allergic outbreak do you?



Fred says YIKES!

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