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Joyce Evans
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__ SPAM?
Home-based business selling quality reprintable information.

Your site says that I can buy your reports and sell or give away as my own. Call me nuts, but somehow selling "as my own" when I didn't write it doesn't quite sound right. If I write it, it's mine. If I didn't write it, it's not mine. Well you get the drift.
__ My antennae go up when I see things like - 2000% profit, wealth-building reports etc. These are the typical comments made in the many SPAM qet- rich-quick schemes I've seen around.
__ I can't help but wonder how this ìvaluableî information is being sold (or given away). By spamming people? I get this kind of junk in my box all the time.
__ Ok, seeing this site is listed in the review area, you may actually want a review (the request sure reads like SPAM though) but just in case you are sincere - my dislike for this sort of topic aside, here are a few observations.

Your layout of the site is logical and easy enough to navigate and loads quickly.
* When you click on your first link to an article the text runs across the whole screen, you may want to shorten that up.
* I wouldn't center blocks of text (home page)
* The color scheme could be more pleasing

Now on to the worst part. I can't even begin to try and be nice here. It's your sample templates for the free sites - they are absolutely horrible! I've seen kids sites that look better. I'd loose them or not show them as examples -- better yet, why not hire a designer and make them really special. That adds justification to the SPAM story, and may even make more friends!

Good luck.


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