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Joyce Evans
Web Reviewer
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__ Let's go sailing with The Sailing Club

Sailing Club Web site
Ewa said:
Please, review my web site that was done for sailing club ewa pol

* Joyce Said

Here's a nicely themed site that will welcome sailing fans from all over the world!
__ The map is quite nice on the front page. It loads quickly and is easy to navigate. You have carried the theme thoughout the site nicely. Here are my observations which could help improve your site further.
__ The first thing I would do is add a wonderful picture of a dream sailboat on the home page.
__ Another observation is your circle logo and the photo button in the left frame. The jaggies, what you can do to fix it is when you make the image put it on a navy background then when you export as a gif seleck the navy as the transparent color. If this doesn't do it for you there are some other tricks so don't hesitate to go to the Cafe for additional help.
__ One other thing, the font you choose is helvetica, not always the best font for a pc. A good way to code fonts is to give a couple of choices, such as this; Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, what happens here is that if the user doesn't have verdana the next option would be arial etc. If you use one font and it's not on my machine then a default will automatically be used. Also if you unbold your type it would be easier to read.
__ Helvetica in the newsletter, helvetica compressed in chartering, Frutiger Roman in officials and an unspecied on two other pages, choose one font configuration for all and it will look better.
__ In closing: The Photos page, this one loaded very slowly so I checked just the first image, it was 92kb's that is very big. If you don't know how to compress your images you can go to www.websitegarage to have it done or there are a number of free/shareware programs that can do it. Or you can go to the Cafe and post your question and I'm sure you'll get some great answers.
Joyce Evans

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