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__ Its a daily updated journal. it's intended for anyone who feels like reading about the meanderings of a new media monkey.


Joyce says:

The first thing I noticed was a nice looking page loading, then this popup window comes up and covers the logo on the left side of.
__ My first response is to close it, but I decide to wait and see if it's anything important. After reading a few of the entries and the quantity of vulgarities I decided it wasn't the type of site I'd enjoy staying at.
__ But I would like to say that your design is very simple and very nice. I like your color combination and even though it's dark the white tables make it easy to read (if one so chooses.


Fred sticks to the guns...

Joyce, it really wasn't too harsh for me. Either I'm a hardened web monkey too, or I understand the rantings of a person's "personal" web site. Remember, he said "PERSONAL". We ran Turniprant once before, and this new update is even more elegant than the one before.

Obviously a 'personal' site, Turniprant is clean and sharply focused. I love what Paul has done with the graphics, and how they flow so effortlessly into the content wells. If you go there, I dare you to run the stop watch. It's quick, and clean. Bravo, Paul.
__ There's a strong lesson here too... design should always
a) support the content and
b) never call attention to itself. Paul gives the readers a very clear sense of "place" and provides excellent isolation between content and anchor graphics.
__ Joyce, Look at that letter! Now, tell me... how could one design a more honest and straight shooting web page? What a breath of fresh air in this over-saturated web of visual clutter and pollution! Even if he does have some strong points, it's honest and you've got to like the guy for it.
__ I believe readers focus on, and are drawn into the copy without being aware of the graphics. They merely set mood, tone, and place. Exactly what they're supposed to do.
__ As opposed to the "Connect" site which has no real personality, nor direction, Turniprant readers will comment "Paul I agree fully with your letter today..." or "Paul I hate what you're saying," as opposed to "Paul, I think your graphic is really cool." HA! Designers want to be complimented on their design. But if you think about it for a moment, those design compliments betray the designers' failure to purvey the information! Design should be transparent. If they loved the article, then THAT'S the ultimate compliment the designer could get.
Good work, Paul. We'll be back


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