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__ Reader Reviews:
* Urban Photos: great stuff, once you get to it!NEW!

Beware, many of these sites are now gone, or have been rennovated -- however, the concepts and design lessons live on. Hopefully we'll hear from the site owners when they update or redesign their sites.

* IRONWORKS: one-browser web site?
* Cybia Creative Resource Studio Freeware
* "Mermaid Warf" - Joyce and Fred bring home the point!
* Joyce helps the Using Paint Shop Pro web site
* Joyce and Fred go head-to-head on "Turniprant"
* Connect-Focus to Print
* Fred Deconstructs "Furry Tree" Fan Zine site
* Connect-Focus to Print: Too much "the same" intent
* Toymaker of Williamsburg reader review
* GiftSquared commerce site needs cautious planning
* Toymaker of Williamsburg reader review
* Reviewer gets an 'A' for this site review
* Subliminal Art Site purveys beauty with difficulty

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* GOLF: lesson in web organization

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