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Fred follows up on
Joyce's review of Connect-focus on print

Okay, Joyce, we pretty much agree with your points... but my observation was in the overall "Positioning" of the site. The site seems to be more intended to gather information than purvey content. As you said, content is scarce, and what is there is very shallow content.
__ One suggestion I would make to Richard is to provide a "FEATURE" graphic that will help the reader a) focus on something important, and b) draw them into the content well visually.
__ Overall, the whole page has an overall "sameness" -- there's no stars, nor focal point. The branding and button bar is the only real visual rewards on the page, and they're bland enough to sink into the background. Yes, we clicked around, and landing on other pages jolts you out of the expected look.
__ A more subtle observation might be that this look of "sameness" translates in the reader's mind as "more work to do". Any time you present the reader with this much small text, they either WANT to read it, or they pass it by. What will make the reader WANT to read would be a visual image to hook the eye and stimulate curiosity, or some headline that entices.
__ I believe the site is simply positioned incorrectly. Promising "All the latest" then delivering repeated calls to "sign up" and "click here" is not the promise of "information".
Remember Richard: "Deliver the Dream" give them what they came for, and they'll sign up.
Now, go and visit I know -- a totally different positioning. However, notice how they provide a single, simple focal point (amongst all the SPAM) which draws you into their feature.
A strong lesson.



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