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Introduction to Web Page Review Form

You have indicated you would like to submit your website for review and/or comment in our WebDesign Review center of The Design & Publishing Center.

If you have not already done so, please read our WebDesign Review Mission Statement at:

In order to fully understand what we will see at your website, we encourage you to provide very clear information about your site and its mission.

Many magazines and companies review and critique websites. However most do it from a cold start. This is a valid way of previewing websites because most web surfers enter your site with no prior knowledge of what to expect.

However, generally most websites are not targeted at the casual surfer. We believe that people visit and patronize websites in order to gain some form of benefit, whether it is entertainment, information, files, news or other "rewards."

Therefore, it will help us give you the full benefit of our design panel if we visit your site while armed with your clear mission statement.

Please understand that by completing and submitting the form, you are granting permission for possible publication. You will be notified if your site is selected for publication, formal makeover, or awards. Please also understand that submitting the form does not automatically gain you a review. Time limitations prevent us from reviewing every site submitted. We do select sites whos reviews will address a larger audience.

NOTE: complete each item on the form as a single comment.

This information will NOT be shared or used for any purpose
outside of the review process. Please only ONE URL per entry.
Thank you for participating.

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Become a WebDesign reviewer
If you would like to become a regular reviewer, and be promoted by The Design Center, then review some sites that have been sent in by readers. Forward your reviewsindividually to: with the word WEB REVIEW in the subject line. Be sure to include the URL of the website you've reviewed. You can also POST your review by using the Website Input Form. If you'd like to publish in the pages of WebDesign & Review then capture and read our "Readers Guidelines".

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