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Abbeymoore Bed and Breakfast

Great pictures, too much scrolling

This is a review of Abbymore Bed and Breakfast, original comments: local BnB with Irish flavor...
Reviewed by: Yvette Kuhns
The site had great contents. The pages were long and required scrolling. Use of green fonts on green background will not be readable to all viewers. I think the home page should include little more than the top area before the green box and the links. Put the green box on the next page. Place the location, phone number, and the "hopes you enjoy..." on the contact page. You don't want readers to have to scroll on the home page unless it is necessary.
   You do want appropriately titled links to the other pages to help direct visitors to the other pages. Your links are descriptive and well named. Include code to remove the IE6 toolbar from your images.
   The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You may want to use an image editor such as Photoshop to adjust the brightness as the photos always appear dark when aiming the camera towards a light source. You may even want to make the link to a page instead of just the photo. Center the image and change the background color and include more descriptive text beneath the image.
   Search index spiders will find the extra web pages and improve your search engine visibility. The 360 degree view feature is appropriate for your site. It loaded rather quickly for my cable modem. I would place the logo image first with the Rooms, Rates and Reservations beneath. Then the links with a brief description saying "Victoria Bed and Breakfasts - Abbeymoore BnB - Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada invites you to enjoy our services..." with the copyright at the bottom of the index page.
   Make separate pages for each suite and a separate page for the rates. Try to keep the pages from getting too long, so the visitors can see all the info before clicking to another page.
   The site is very nice and your services are very appealing. Good luck with your business, but it appears you don't need luck. :o)
Reviewed: 08/02/2002

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