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Airshows America

tips and pointers to "professionalize"

This is a review of Airshows America, original comments: I desperately need help with logo design/review. Please take a look at our site/logo and if you have any ideas for improvement, please let me know!! Thanks!
Reviewed by: Bennie C. Taylor
The red, white, and blue theme of the Airshows America site is appropriate and appealing. I find the logo eye-catching, informative, and very well suited to represent the organization.
Improving the logo placement
If you are looking for a change, consider: the logo is dark and might show up better against a white background than it does on your dark blue sidebar.
      You might try changing the blue bar to white - or maybe you could surround the logo with a white circle to set if off here. It would do no harm to make the text just a little smaller with the letters spaced a fraction farther apart for clarity.
Content tips
The content of the site needs some reorganization. Your first line says,
"Airshows America has the only civilian-owned jet aerobatic teams in the United States!"
That sounds impressive to me. I would state this in relatively large font and then continue with a couple of paragraphs about your business. Here you could include text links to additional information.
      I would not use the blue font: too much color employed to carry out a theme begins to look overdone.
The focus should be on the shows you perform. Tell about them first.
  • Where do you perform?
  • What airplanes are featured?
  • How many days does a show last?
  • What does the audience see?
  • How do I arrange a show?
  • Explain more about the sponsorship program - what is it?
  • What other services are available?
  • Page Weight
    Starting with the large photo is not a good idea. Although I realize you want to show off your airplanes, this photo is much too large to load fast. Put it beneath some text the visitor can read while waiting for the picture to appear. Make the initial display of this photo smaller and provide a link to the large version.
          Once your introductory and basic facts are stated your navigation should fall into line. Visitors can read more specific information about the planes and the people who fly them. And here you can offer thumbnails for large versions of the planes in your gallery.
          (I think your volunteer service after the 9/11 tragedy is most commendable.)
    Editor Notes:
    Be sure to see John McAliskey's review of this same site. I feel the two reviews together make a pretty thorough and clear review.
    Posted: 03/05/2003

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