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sent in by readers

Last month these reviews were posted by our reviewers, but they really weren't what we consider a full review. Rather than putting them on individual pages, these quick comments deserved to be gathered together here!
Beach Street Design
I rather enjoyed the simplicity of your site navigation, yet felt that it was very informative for what you specialize in. I thought your choice of graphics, fonts and color were well thought out, and liked the photo manipulation of you two! I didn't really get a "warm 'n fuzzy" for your portfolio, although I liked the "briefcase" image concept. Perhaps it's in need of links to your work completed for the particular client. Just an idea... ;-) Hope this was a little helpful, as this is my first review. Good luck in the establishment of your web site presence! Marquis
Location: - Reviewed by: Marquis,. posted: 7/30/2003
Maine Coast Realty
WOW! thats a lot of type! i really don't know where to begin to read or place my eyes. simplify! is it necessary to use ALL the colors in the rainbow? use one of two for the most important iformation you want to get across and then use black for the rest. i understand you want people to read the site.....and think its so wonderful they will never ever want to go anywhere else.....but with some much information on the home page its total overload. i clicked immediatly away and refused to deal with more. best of luck on a hopeful redesign!
Location: - Reviewed by: aleksandra,. posted: 7/30/2003
is there anyway i can make the photos move faster. other than that----its great! very simple, the photos are the main topic, and are featured beautifully. great job!
Location: - Reviewed by: Aeksandra,. posted: 7/30/2003
New Jersey Activity Professionals
This is a very professional and clean design. The colors are slightly unusual, but they are pleasing and provide good contrast for readability. The page banners are consistent showing only slight changes on some pages; this adds a little variety without causing confusion. The content is well organized and well written. There are navigational links at the top and down the left side. You will not get lost on this site. An especially nice touch is the rectangle in the upper left corner telling which page you are on. The slide-out menu needs a little fine tuning. It sometimes fails to close, and this can be annoying. Some pages need a little more space on the left between the menu and the text. Suggestion: Under shop link - instead of the error announcement tell when the shop will be open for business and what will be offered for sale in the future.
Location: - Reviewed by: Bennie C. Taylor,. posted: 7/30/2003
Creative Billing
This is a one page site. HTML text with small gif squares. NO navigation and little appeal. The site owner needs to get some rudimentary HTML website creation books. Recommendations: 1. Creating Killer Web Sites 2. How to design the coolest website in hyperspace 3. Fresh styles for web designers You can buy all these as used books on or
Location: - Reviewed by: Steve Teare,. posted: 7/30/2003
Andre Obeid - Photographer
My first instinct: Classy, modern My second instinct: Where is the functionality? Nice, clean homepage, but you have to scroll down to get the menu bar???? Not a good idea when you are trying to market your own work. Now, I found the menu bar, but there is NO other content for this site. There is only his homepage with the images (again, nice) and a contact link/form. All the other links don't stay within his site! Wow! Now that's what I call minimalism. Beautiful idea, but definately needs more meat.
Location: - Reviewed by: Kim Cook,. posted: 7/30/2003


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