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Cedar Rapids site

hard work pays off

This is a review of City of Cedar Rapids, original comments: This site is for the citizens, visitors, and business people of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It offers a variety of information on city business, events, departments, and links to other governement agencies.
Reviewed by: Bennie C. Taylor
This is an impressive web site.
      The amount of content is vast, and the organization is superior. The information presented appears to be timely and up to date. I can imagine the work required to maintain this site. Posting current city news, updating information about personnel changes, reporting new laws and regulations, listing changes in business hours and department schedules, advertising special events - all this must be a daunting task.
The three column layout on the home page is ideal for containing the multitude of links to anything a visitor might want to know about Cedar Rapids. There is just enough white space to make each column and each category stand out from all the others.
      The headings are clear and informative. Navigation is a breeze. The drop down menu is very comprehensive and positioned well.
      The only navigational difficulty is under "Community Links" at the far right. There is no way to return to the Cedar Rapids site from the linked site.
      looked at a few other city web sites for comparison to this one (some had won numerous awards). Nearly all of them seem to me a little cold and impersonal. The facts are there. The layout is attractive. But the welcome is missing. One exception was Weymouth, Massachusetts. It contains a page where citizens tell what they like about their city.
Many people around the country read the city sites. They may be planning a visit or a relocation. A friendly invitation to enjoy the site and visit the city soon would be appropriate.
Posted: 03/05/2003

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