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Creativity Coach

found not very "creative"

In the original review request of Gregory Huff - Creativity Coach, the author commented: For creative people experiencing a creative blocks, unable to move beyond a certain point in their career or creative endeavor? Find solutions for the challenges, creative blocks, and other issues that you are experiencing.
Reviewed by: Karen Cardinal
Well, I don't want to sound rude, but since you asked for some advice.... here goes.
      My initial impression of your site is -- for a creativity coach you're not very creative. What I hoped to see was an elegant design with carefully chosen graphics and clear concise wording. What I expected to see was a heavy graphic splash page with bold colors and a "You must have it!" sales hype. What I found was a rather dull looking template with no graphics other than your logo and links bar. (Click to open in a thumbnail in new window)
Reader expectations
There wasn't anything on your first page that made me want to hire you. I realize that many people avoid graphics because they can slow down page rendering, but if you are trying to sell me a seminar to help me be creative, I want to see you're creativity. Since you are a graphic artist, I'm sure you can find something (an image or a unique way of laying out your website) that tells the viewers "I'm a creative person... and you can be one too."
      Remember, no one ever bought one of those "Get rich with realestate" courses without believing the guy selling them made a million dollars from selling realestate.
      A note on your logo: aside from the fact that it is rather bland, it is also in desperate need of cleaning up. Your text is very jaggy. You may want to start over and do another one... this one is amaturish looking.
I'm sure you are a clever, creative person in your art and workshops. But you've definitely lost something in the translation to the internet. I'm sorry to say, you're website doesn't inspire me to be creative.
Karen Cardinal
Editor Notes:
Karen makes very good points.
      Reader expectation, and fulling that expectation is probably one of the most important aspects of designing a web site. For a web site with this message, the designer needs to carefully critique the visual impact and keep asking "will the owner of this site fulfill the promises made here?" And that's a tough nut to crack.
      Even more importantly, Mr. Huff has a second challenge confronting the design of this web site: visitor education. Most people have no idea, or at least a very vague idea of what a "creativity coach" actually does. This makes it doubly important that the visuals which greet the visitor are so compelling they'll dig in and follow the storyline.
Sell the Sizzle
Now back up and ask "What is the product?" As Karen already stated, the delivery of the message has got to convince the viewer that this is what they've been looking for. This suggests that the site should be selling the successes of Huff's work. Again, back up and ask "What reasons would the reader have for saying NO?
      Certainly the amateurish look of the site immediately undermines the message. The reader might wonder "... if he were so successful, why didn't he hire a better designer?" You need to reevaluate the look and the message until you've removed all the reader's reasons for saying "NO" -- then they're more likely to say "Yes".
      Thanks again to Karen Cardinal from Cardinal Art for another great review.
Posted: 4/2/2003

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