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Donald Peterson suggested this web site as a good example of real estate web design. We agreed and decided to share our visit to the "DC Living" web site:

DC Living Real Estate Portal

The submitter wrote:
      "This site was designed to attract home buyers desiring the urbane lifestyle of downtown Washington DC. It is also designed to provide frequently asked for information to potential homebuyers. Finally, its visual design was intended to support its role as the most creative and foward thinking Real Estate Brokerage in the DC area."

DC Living Just about everything is right about this real estate site! We get many requests to review and critique similar sites, and they almost always have some problems with identity or the portrayal of their products. Not so with DC Living.

While we see no actual product on the arrival page, we are greeted with a fresh and inviting scene that immediately attracts us into the content. If the viewer is considering relocation to the DC area, this site will lead the way.

All the essential ingredients are here: smiling faces, clear navigation, understandable typography and short, hard-hitting content. Links are clearly defined without having to say click-here, and the row of roll-over buttons under the header guides the reader to exactly the areas of most interest. Once arriving in the content well, each page is just as attractive and just as compelling.

Relocating to a new city is always a daunting task. Anyone who has experienced it knows a good local agent is essential for an easy and successful move. Most people in the process of relocating will search the web and find dozens of web sites. Those moving to the DC area will be well served to find this web site.

Bravo -- nice job, DC Living!

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