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Web Design Makeover shows much improvement
Change the attack from 'vanity', "me-too" look to a challenge to the reader. (back to original)
Shift the meaning...

Obviously we want to lure the reader into the "designer" area so they can begin looking at all the neat fashions. If this is the case, then "Decades" is no longer important... we want those readers to drop right down to the button for designers. Spell out the message right up front. We'll build sufficient desire in the reader so they'll search for "where" to buy. In that initial gulp we want them to get it. Period.

The change in type made the message more casual yet more demanding. We turned it into a command. "You" get a look is far more compelling than "decades get a look." Notice how that negative (or 'white') space keeps us moving down the page into the content message. The slant reinforces gravity, helping the eye back to the left.
Breaking the dead-center orientation also reinforces the 'designer' theme... keep in mind that centered structure involving type and rectangular shapes always suggests more traditional, classic or conservative content. Somehow we didn't feel this subject was anything near conservative.

The pages are too long. There's too much to load, and on some of the pages we're stalled while the next picture comes down.

One reviewer, who responded to the "Reviews" invitation agreed...
Kevin wrote:
"Just visited I plan to visit other sites in
your list. I didn't like this site for a number of reasons.
* Slow to load, 150k of graphics on home page.
* Background pattern took too long to load. The individual tiles where too small.
* The pictures on the home page didn't describe to me what kind of cloathing is there.
* Needs pages that show what the clothing looks like, on people.

Good observations, Kevin!
Additionally, let's not just show the clothing on people. How about a few insets that show close-ups or details. Don't just show us a collection of designer stuff... show us close-up shots so we can agree with the uniqueness of the articles. With 72dpi graphics, it is very difficult to successfully show something as complicated as a garment. This is one of the best cases in favor of purchasing a digital camera I've ever seen.

With these enhancements in mind we think Decades can live up to their interesting story line, and rather unique visual offering to all web users.

'til next time... keep on surfing.

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