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Dewd Boy Cartoon

two critiques, similar reactions

In the original review request of Dewd Boy Cartoon, the author commented: This is the home of dewdboy, a cartoon character created by Scott Van Vliet and David Thometz. This is a rather humorous look at a character who always sports a trademark santa claus hat, devo suit and black mustache. He is employed as a forklift driver for a toilet paper factory (Purkeypile and Skidmore). Dewdboy usually appears in the form of a man, but may sometimes morph into other creatures alien, or domestic. we do not know why. This is a work in progress.
Reviewed by: Maggie
A nice place to visit, but it takes one a while to figure out the point.
      We enter at Flushing Rapids USA, with a welcome sign, the main cartoon character, Dewdboy holding a sign that says "". as we scroll down, the plot is explained, a bit in text. Essentially, this is about a cartoon named dewdboy, who always wears a santa claus hat, brown overalls, sports a black mustache and works in a toilet paper factory. He is tormented by an irish fairy, Dawnlou Woowho, who has magical powers that eminate from a wand and are used for ill against the dewdboy character. Other characters include Norman Purkeypile, dewdboy's overbearing boss at the factory, Mrs Skidmore, his lesser boss, as well as various other characters.
      We get a brief description of the characters, but other than Dawnlou Woowho's animated attacks, there isn't much interaction with the others.
      The layout is pleasant with minimal advertising (no pop-ups) average speed and easy accesability via link buttons. rather humorous, once you get to understand it all. Fun animations and midi's. The site needs some development and refinement but fun and "clean" humor.

Reviewer #2 says:

Overall a clean, fun site...
Funny thing: Dewdboy is a forklift driver for a toilet paper company. He's always wearing brown overalls and a santa claus hat. He lives in Flushing Rapids. There are links to pictures of various characters, but the characters aren't really seen any place on the site, with the exception of a nemesis "Dawnlou woowho" who appears in animations.
      The layout is pretty cool, and the pictures and animation are good. It's easy to navigate with no pop ups, or ads -- speed okay.
      Overall a fun (clean) site.
Editor Notes:
Thanks to Maggie and Jen for reviewing this one -- I think DewdBoy is the kind of site that gives the developer an opportunity to kind of stretch his imagination and wit. I'd like to point out that the site is well made and gives the impression of being a "simple" site -- but nothing could be further from the truth. There's a tremendous amount of work represented here.
      I could point out about two dozen things that should be improved -- but I won't. The site is obviously a labor of love, and my hat is off to developers Scott Van Vliet and David Thometz.
Posted: 7/30/2003

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