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Evan the E-Man

needs fine-tuning

In the original review request of Evan the E-Man, the author commented: Digital Graphics, 3D, Drawings and Porfolio.
Reviewed by: Bennie C. Taylor
Your start page boasts beautiful colors and a neat banner, but please show us only one repetition of the scrolling title and stop the rotating image. This motion is very annoying. If the title must scroll in, it would be more effective to have it appear and then remain static. This would create a more dramatic and emphatic pointer to your name and would make the site seem more stable and permanent. You could probably make the entire page visible without scrolling at all by including a little less text.
      People like things short and to the point, and it is refreshing to find I do not need to scroll at all to see the entire page.
      The text in the boxes looks a little crowded. With a little padding all around, the text would look more attractive and would be easier to read. If information is important enough to find a place on your page it should be given enough space to appear to belong there.
      Today, counters and guest books are more than a little outdated. They belong much more properly on a personal site; they look rather amateurish on a professional one. No one believes what a counter registers anyway. If you need to know how many visitors you are getting then you can set up an invisible counter.
      And please tell us why you include the Bangladesh information. What does that have to do with your business? I do not mean you should delete it - just tell us from the start why it is there and what we are supposed to do with it. If it is not related to your design efforts, perhaps you should make it a separate site and provide a link and a reason for us to go there.
Editor Notes:
Excellent points, Bennie!
      Folks, remember your design laws of proximety and association: If design elements are present because they are similar, then make them similar. If they share a close relationship, then group them together. If however they are different, make the difference obvious. If they are not to be associated as together in relationship, then keep them apart.
Posted: 10/29/2003

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