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Faulty Tower Computing

should be called faulty web design

This is a review of Faulty Tower Computing, original comments: It's about my business. It's intended for prospect clients. The main benefits are services offered , Web Design , Network installation and maintenance , Internet Consultation and Teaching , PC Custom build , Upgrade and Repair. Key Points : How we go about offering the services , feedback and online question forms. Pictures of systems we've built.
Reviewed by: D. Burns
Review? Where do I begin?
      There is no way to critique or review this site without hurting the feelings of the site's owner who I'd be willing to bet dollars to donuts, is also the designer. But when you place your site to be reivewed, you need to be willing to hear the truth no matter how much it hurts.
      Let's look at this like the American Idol of webdesign auditions, and Simon Cowell is reviewing the page.
Simon: Dreadfull!
Just Awful! You might be the worst web designer in the country. There is no way that you could be considered a web designer. If you lived in ancient times, you would have been stoned to death for designing a dreadful page like this. I say no. Randy? What do you say?
Randy: I have seen this site before man
A different URl, but the same stuff. Frontpage strikes again! Buying a copy of Frontpage, doesn't make you a webdesigner. Frontpage has assisted millions of folks in getting their websites made, that can be a good thing to those who really can't afford to hire a webdesign company. In that respect, it serves a purpose.
      Buying yourself a copy of front page, proceeding to slap a sampling of all of the various prvided templates together, adding your content, pasting some stock photos, and adding the old animated gifs here and there, then as if all that isn't enough, adding page transitions. Not to all of the pages, just here and there.
      At first, I really thought this was a joke. I thought That this website was thrown in to see if someone would give this a good review! But then I realized, Man! You were serious? Stick to repairing and building computers. I say no. Paula? what do you say?
Paula: I think that you really gave a good effort
But you lost us when you pasted the various templates together. It makes you feel like you are on another website every time you click on a link.
      The animated gifs? Too much. They detract from the page.
      The pictures of the items on the computer page? When you click them they are too big to determine what they are.
      The transitions? They are terrible and distracting, they don't serve a purpose.
      The color scheme? Is not consistent anywhere throughout the site. I wouldn't hire you to do mine! I'm sorry but you just didn't do it for us. I say no.
Ryan: Wow! they were pretty hard on you.
Well they had a point, you cant just call yourself a web designer and not expect them to ask for some real design. Better luck next time.
Editor Notes:
Loud studio audience applause should be heard here... darn! I wish I had some midi files of "boos" and "cheers" and studio applause.
      The reivewer? You made your points -- a little hard at times -- and best of all, you entertained us! BRAVO!
Posted: 3/9/2003

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