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Faulty Tower

gets another look

Back for a second look at: Faulty Tower web site , BRAVO! The author of the "Faulty Tower" web sit read last month's review of the site, and decided to make some changes -- and request we return to the site for another look! We did, and here is D. Burns (the original reviewer) reactions to the updated site!
Reviewed by: D. Burns
Ok!!! I admit, I was a bit harsh in the last review of this site. But for good reason... when offering your web design services to the general public for a fee, you should be held to a higher standard -- it's just that simple...
Away we go
Since this is a re-review I will refrain from using my American Idol slant -- you are obviously looking for a honest critique and deserve an honest evaluation.. so no joking just the facts this time around.
      First off, we are dealing with multiple page templates here. There is nothing wrong with using templates, they have a place in web design. When used correctly, templates can acomplish a decent web page. But what Faulty's designer is missing here is a cohesive theme.
      When the user (me) clicks an icon in the navagation area of the page, we are tossed from the home page of faulty which has a very distinct layout and color scheme. But, we arrive at a page that looks as if it belongs on a different site. It really can disorient a user. We humans are creatures of habit and like to know where we are and how we got there. Always remember that cohesive design aids us in that regard.
Visual transitions
Next, let's talk about the page transitions. As a business who is trying to project a professional image and gain the confidence of a potential web client, before adding any kind of distraction, ask yourself is this really necessary? It may impress someone with little or no web experience, but for a business owner, and someone looking to sell a product or promote a service, I want the customer to notice my message not my web page transitions. The page transitions are out of date and don't really reinforce your design portfolio.
      A good rule of thumb to follow when deciding if you should add an animation (or any design element for that matter) is: If it doesn't add to my design, make it easier to navigate, or distracts from my message, then don't do it!!!!
I can see where you made a good effort to clean up the site and go with one theme, but you neglected to include the home page. Additionally, you added the transitions, which to me, are just too distracting.
      But you've made a good overall move in the right direction -- you just need to clean it up a bit more. There really is something to the old addage that less is more . In my opinion this site would be a great place to exercise that thought.
Editor Notes:
Good points. That closer reminds me of one strong design rule I always stress in my creative workshops and make-over clinics:
"Evaluate each feature and element of a design...
Ask if it can be eliminated without harming or degrading the design or the message.
      "If there is any design element that can be eliminated, and not missed -- then it wasn't necessary in the first place."
Posted: 4/2/2003

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