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G4orce Image Factory

for beautiful people, not web surfers

In the original review request of Regal Reflections Model Agency, the author commented: This site as of now is to attract models and agents alike. We intend to help models find agents to hire them for work. We also have gotten into graphic design so as to solicit work from companies looking for graphics. Be it for magazine advertisements, web page ads, web front pages or even brochures. We re trying to get into a few things in related fields.
Also see Fred's comments on this review...
Reviewed by: Beth Rogers
G4orce Image Factory/Regal Reflections Photography is a model/graphic design agency, whose aim is to attract both models and agents. Their intention is to help models find agents to hire them for work. They also do image creation and editing.
The first screen features a Flash animation of the name G4orce Image Factory. Since it does not complement the design of the rest of the site, I would suggest a redesign of the flash page (or dropping it).
      The opening screen has a lot of potential, but I would suggest using one beautiful face to capture the feel of the site -- create a new background image using that face, the water, text and reflections to create a more elegant look.
      You may also want to reevaluate whether or not the enter button is necessary. Perhaps use smaller versions of the buttons on the navigation screen throughout the site, at the bottom of each page. This would improve on the next/previous links at the top of the pages -- also making navigation from any page to any other page simpler. Don't make the reader cycle through the site.
      By following the suggestions above, you can eliminate the Enter button, and the navigation screen. Automatically the site is more efficient.
Fine tuning graphics...
The title graphic looks good and you might consider using it at the top of every page -- perhaps with a slightly smaller first letter. If you used lowercase letters of a round, fat font, and tightening letter spacing, you'll allow more of the faces to be seen.
      By looking closely at the letters, I can see the hair of the models, but I think the use of just the eye area of faces would be more effective.
      Another recommendation would be to use the same color background for every page. From what I can tell, there is no order to the choice of background colors (for example, white for weddings, gray for modeling shots, etc.) The elegant blue on the navigation page looks very classy and sophisticated and would be my choice.
Refining the User Experience
Each album page has too many pictures for my taste. For example, the wedding album page has approximately 30 pictures, which are in a table layout. Since the rows are not evenly spaced, the pictures are not lined up evenly, but they are not 'scattered' either. The pictures are so close together that it's hard to really 'see' one picture, and I don't feel invited to click on one to see a larger view.
      The photographer has done outstanding work, and it's a pity for the photographs not to be seen.
  • There are ads for the National Fatherhood Initiative on most pages, but I didn't notice it until I was on the weddings page, which was fairly jarring. Consider adding a 'links' page to house your external links (like this one to the NFI.)
  • The About Us page has good content, but the text is too large, and seems to be yelling at me. I would decrease the size of the text.
  • Provide information on different ways to contact the company, as well as giving a little history or mission statement of the company.
  • One final suggestion: add a 'contact' button to the navigation menu. This would be much better than the 'contact' graphic that is the last item in each table.

All in all, the designer has done very good work, and I think with a little tweaking it can be an outstanding site.
Editor Notes: A "Little Tweaking" Beth?
I liked what you said, but you are far too charitable! This site needs a lot more than a little tweaking. Let me barge in here and give my side of this story...
Beth Rogers is from Rogers Web Design
Posted: 10/29/2003

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