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Site needs work to compete

Gallery 209

This is a review of Gallery 209, original comments: This site is for a group of artists who own and run a gallery in Savannah, Ga. A variety of media and arts are represented.The member list is not completely finished, as some members still have to submit the necessary information. This is a first web site for this gallery.
Reviewed by: Bennie C. Taylor
This is a website with only four pages. The home page is appealing with an open, uncluttered layout and easy navigation. The neutral colors provide an appropriate background for the collage of art images. This site seems to promise a nice viewing experience on the subpages.
      However, the images in the collage are not clickable - and there is no indication that art works will be included on the site at a later date.
      When I looked at the "Artists" page I expected to see a virtual gallery with representative works by the artists who belong to this co-op. Instead, I found only a listing of the artists. Links to individual artists' websites are provided in some cases. However, I would like to see at least one work by each artist to encourage me to visit the gallery and find out what else is there.
      There is a photo of the gallery (looks a little dark on my monitor) and a nice map to its location.
  Savannah is a city rich in history and replete with beautifully renovated buildings. An art gallery needs to advertise its exhibits to distinguish it from all the other tourist attractions. Visitors need a list of hours of operation, some information about what is for sale there, and any other information that would draw a prospective customer into the gallery.
Editor Notes:
Be sure to see Karen Cardinal's review of this site too.
Posted: 02/01/2003

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