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seems a little in the rough

In the original review request of BBJM Golf Ventures, LLC, the author commented: BBJM Golf Ventures, LLC specializes in providing you with Fine Art, Books and Collectibles for those interested in the sport of Golf.
Reviewed by: Jeffrey Wills
Just some brief observations:
      Your top image, the animated Flash of a golfball coming into view and flying away down the field is a nice idea, but has a problem with two concerns. First, it is so big at the beginning, that it clearly has ragged edges, obviously enlarged. Secondly, by repeating, it becomes distracting very quickly. There is a solution, since the idea has merit and gives life to an otherwise stock-looking golf course photo, howbeit a beautiful course, nonetheless. Try bringing the ball in from underneath, at a much smaller starting size, so as not to distract. It will still look "cool". While you are at it, try dissolving the logo and slogan on, rather than flying it in from the left side... it will have a much classier "feel", which your audience will certainly appreciate. Layout-wise, your featured item, which was understandibly huge, didn't line up with the other huge element - your logo animation. They should compliment and balance each other for a clean professional look. When I immediately clicked it to see it better, I could see that it was a very large descriptive picture, but as soon as it was fully downloaded (a bit slowly for my cable connection), it shrunk to full screen and there was no way to pan or zoom to see it natural size. I felt teased, because I saw that it was a very large detailed photo, but I never got to see the whole thing full-size, just the left side for a moment. The overal color and layout are suitable to your market, and make a solid color pallette. You might consider toning down the color of the links to something more graceful, like a deeper, washed-out blue, rather than the standard "click-me blue" known as "0000FF". Something like a "434390" is in the same color family, but not as garish on such a soft pallette as you've chosen. Surfability was pretty reasonable, though somewhat pedestrian in feel. This could be improved by more standardization between pages. Primarily, your subsequent pages shifted all over the screen - some with the big logo centered, others in various places to the left. One look, perhaps with a slightly smaller logo on the secondary pages, would feel much more professional. It wouldn't take much effort to make your current elements work together far more comfortably. Also, if you have the money, get a real logo or proper masthead for your business' name. The current one feels a bit "fly-by-night".
Editor Notes:
Jeffery writes:
I am a video/print guy who dabbles in web design as well. My website is being revamped as we speak, but is located at Self-promotion is painful, and gets ignored! I am currently working on and
Posted: 5/1/2003

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