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Web Site Critiques:

One of WebDesign & Review's missions is to help new and amateur web masters get help through reviews and critiques of their web sites. We've helped thousands of young designers since first opening in 1995. If you are an experienced web designer, please review a site and share your constructive suggestions! At right you'll see the appropriate links!

Website Critiques

Web Critique This month we took a look at the Black Home Owner News and Creditor Web.com web sites, and came out with some happy web owners! Check'em out and get your own site reviewed in Web Site Critiques

Web Critique: Art works by Mark Vatnsdal

mark_vatnsdaleBeth Rogers shares another of her insightful critiques -- this time a site with great art work, but difficult to understand... join us for this critique of Art works by Mark Vatnsdal

Web Critique: First United Methodist Church

MethodistBeth Rogers is back with us to share one of her thoughtful web site critiques. This time we travel to Richmond Indiana to find a nice web site for a change... join us for this critique of www.firstumcrichmond.org

Looking for Visuals at Visual Orange

Visual Orange Bernard Peh takes a look at the www.visualorange.net web site -- while having a common corporate look, the striking words "Visual Orange" lead us to believe we would be seeing lots of visuals. See if you agree with Bernard's summation of The Visual Orange

Web Critique: Deco Spirit

CritiqueReviewer Steve Dallape finds this site lacking in readability, and period flavor. Neither Steve nor Fred liked the flash intro, and both it's time to do some real research on the art deco period for Deco Spirit

Web Critique: Tightline Design

CritiqueReviewer HLM takes a look at this designer's web site and provides a good and friendly critique... Fred isn't quite as nice and says: it's back to the drawing board for Tightline Design dot com

Web Critique: India Gift Services

CritiqueIn this critique, reviewer Jason Ronca takes a look at an international gift site that may be too cluttered for its own good... the lust for search engine rankings may be turning away customers at India Gift Services dot com

Web Critique: The Nanny Finder

In this critique, reviewer Walt Clarke zeros in on a fundamental issue with all sites -- meeting consumer expectation. Winning the hearts of parents requires impeccabe professionalism. Parents need to feel comfortable before they'll trust and rely on The Nanny Finder

Web Critique: Photographer's Site

In this critique, Bennie is quite charitable with a site claiming to be a "photographer" and "designer" ... good lessons point to why this site isn't working. Fred follows with a brief commentary on where to look to turn Photography into Photography

Web Critique: The Beginner Site

In this critique, Bennie tackles one of the most difficult types of sites to critique: the beginner. This site is primarily a photo album site and offers lots of opportunity for Lori's first web site

Web Critique: Preemies R Us

MikePopular site reviewer Mike Swope takes on the site for the premature baby and discovers an off-the-shelf ecommerce engine well adapted for the job... suggest a few color and layout changes to help this site stand out among osCommerce sites Preemies R Us

Three Short Critiques

WDR reader Stacy takes a look at three sites: Picture Maker art gallery of Craig Stover; the Trismedia Studio multimedia portfolio and the Lori Burgan Personal Page. WDR provides additional comments and suggestions for Three Short Critiques.

ForGiftable doesn't mean Forgetable

This month reviewer Mike Swoop of Swoop Design digs into the ForGiftable.com site: "...many things are immediately attractive, and there are things that can be improved " in the Forgiftable Web Site.

An Identity for FlexBox

This month Bennie takes a look at the FlexBox mailbox web site and comments: "This is a neat little site with interesting content and easy navigation -- it works. But it does not live up to the goal "showcasing" the product, FlexBox Mailboxes.

Thomasina Music Site, Round 2

thomasinaYou may remember our last visit to the Thomasina web site, and the rather harsh critique that ensued. Well, the web designer took it to heart and did a complete makeover! Bravo! But there's more work to do on the photos and typography of "Thomasinamusic.com"

Lessons in Color

In this critique Bennie C. Taylor visits the "Night Photography by David Baldwin" web site and sets the stage for a lesson in color. The photography is striking, but the presentation may be improved with some brief Lessons in Color

Catering Site without a mission...

In this critique Bennie C. Taylor and Donald Peterson, two distinguished designers take on a Catering site. But they're too nice and Fred has to get tough. You got to be tough to make a tender Catering Web Site Critique

Real Estate Web Site Done Well

it's a pleasure to run across and nicely designed web site. This month we visit one that is done quite well, so all you realtors and real estate sites -- if you want to see a real estate site done right take a look at the DC Living Real Estate Portal

Designer & Photographer sites

About a third of all sites requesting a review are design or photography sites. They almost always share some common characteristics that may not be to their best interest. In this student design site we point out some serious considerations for improving the Abyss Arts Design Studio

January Web Site Critique Briefs

This month readers look at the Georgetown College Parent's Site; Estate agents in Berkshire (both commented by Gareth Sketty; and a visit to the Urban Arts of Indianapolis with R.J. Rakowski. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

November Web Site Critique Briefs

This month readers look at Painting by Anne Stahl; the James Anderson Unofficial Site; Georgetown University, the Black Hills Pow Wow Association and one the reviewer says "sucks" the Internet personals/dating site. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

August Web Site Critique Briefs

This month, Debbie does a pretty thorough critique of the Galvez Family Web site; we get a critique of the Mountain Monarch Adventures site that the Web Review disagrees with; Then we take a look at the NomadLink web site with jerry tamburro; and finally, Linda Rosario gives brief views of Google Yahoo Msn Positioning. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

University of Utah gets fine tuning

Reviewer Mike Swope observes that this well organized site could use a little strength in branding and clarity... WDR agrees and adds a diagramed example page with subtle CSS tweaks that add polish and purpose to the CEUU Website.

Newspaper site needs organization

Reviewer Bennie C. Taylor says: "at first glance this site seems to be well-organized; but the categories turn out to be inconsistent and confusing"... perhaps some organization is needed in the Northwest Indiana Catholic newspaper site.

July Web Site Critique Briefs

This month we have a collection of quick, Critique Briefs sent in by readers... a design site that claims to be "Part of an award winning Creative Arts team; The Toronto District School Board; a Teen site called Teenopolis; the Alexander Sadoya Art Gallery web site and the Marietta Contact Lens web site. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

Joyce Evans: Tomatoes anyone?

JoyceThis month Joyce takes a look at the Tomato-Cages web site and all web designers get a healthy reminder of the right recipe for success. Even Fred can't argue, and points why all web designers need to look at Tomato Cages dot com.

An American Idol Web Site Gone Bad?

thomasinaWDR visited the web site of this young vocalist, but what they found was not what they expected What if you sent Randy, Paula and Simon to this web site looking for an "American Idol" contestant? What would they say? Hire the voice and fire the designer of "Thomasinamusic.com"



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