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Critique: Black Hills Explorer Vacation Guide

Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott from OneWay Advertising and Design says: "Beautifully laid out" then gives tips and hints for really improving Mount Rushmore's Black Hills Explorer Vacation Guide.

Joyce Evans: Sweetens Sweet Deco

Joyce returns to the Web critique department with some good news and some bad for the Sweet Deco of Austria web site. As usual, Joyce does a superb job pin-pointing aspects on various pages of Sweet Deco.

Critique: 9th Street Rag Web Site

Bennie Taylor tackles this huge web page, and Mr. Pixelsmith comments about the colors used in this online publication for postal workers called 9th Street Rag.

Critique: K-9 Training & Kennels

Bennie Taylor points out a number of problems with colors, layout and even supplies an alternate graphic for the Rolling Meadow Kennels & Canine Training.

Critique: Doctors' Support Net

If you were a Doctor in need of counselling, would you use this site? Bennie Taylor asks the very same question as she critiques the Doctors' Support Net.

Formal Critique: Best Stock Photography?

Does this look like the "Best Stock Photography Site"? Web designer and popular author/reviewer Mike Swope files this two-page critique on the Stock Photography Now site

Site design betrays the product

It's a trend in photographers' sites that perhaps should be reevaluated! Mike Swope puts the designer's eye on the iCi et la Photography site

Formal Critique: Air Compressors

This time Bennie C. Taylor and WDR have teamed up to provide a rather extensive critique and make-over, including make-over screens of the Gajjar Air Compressor site

Top Sites Site raises questions

This critique came in as do all others, but WDR sleuths visited and found something a little different from what the reviewer found... that possibly "Top Sites" isn't top sites at all!

Sites for Schools

One of our frequent reviewers, Bennie C. Taylor turns her attention to a web site providing schools with web services... she even includes a pictorial suggestion for "Sites4Schools.co.uk"

Aromatherapy defies expectations...

Our popular reviewer Mike Swope takes a look at the Aromatherapy of Rome Candles web site calling it "Sedate and minimalist..." but if it's going to sell any product, one must ask: "but where's the product?"

G4orce gets a wake up call

This feature critique is from Beth Rogers of Rogers Web Design, reviewing the G4orce Image Factory web site. Fred says: "Yea, I felt the force alright!" and couldn't resist barging in with a brutal wake-up call to scrap this site, and a decidedly negative counter-critique.

Point / Counterpoint for Texas

Then we echo another critique with actual before & after examples of the Texas Center for Multicultural Studies by Jon Winchester, with a full follow up by the Editor.

Sez "No" to Real Estate Site

Bennie reviews a Real Estate site, and even provides a sample prototype page. But then Fred says "Scrap It" with an extensive look at marketing beachfront properties through a web site like the Coastal Main Real Estate page

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

We seldom get any two reviewers to agree on a site, but Mike Swoop says: "The American Design Awards site is tasteful, professional, near cutting-edge" Then frequent reviewer Bennie Taylor steps up to the plate and says "It may be a bit overplayed"...

Images that (don't) Rock

Reviewer Karen Cardinal brings along actual screens of suggested makeovers for the Images That Rock site... but then reviewer Robert Lattery logs in with: "this site is simple and elegant...but it doesn't rock!! Superb reports -- well worth your time!

Faulty Tower site... faulty

This is a fantastic review, D. Burns gives the critique an "American Idol" twist... finding the Faulty Tower site a bit faulty. But then the author returns and asks us to take another look after changes -- and so we file the second "Faulty Tower" review

Other new critiques include:

Most popular from the Archives:

The Archives:

While the lessons to be learned in the Archives are certainly worth learning, many of the original sites are either dead or vastly renovated. We will be deleting these as new ones come in...

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