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ID Jungle

taken to task for SE spamming

In the original review request of IDJungle - Creative Solutions, the author commented: A comprehensive design firm & printer with a focus on brochures, postcards, cover art, logos, corporate identity, 3d visualization, web design, illustration, & business cards...
Reviewed by: Bennie C. Taylor
Here's a site that is a little different in style but generally well organized and functional. The layout is clean with very readable text (which is also adjustable by the visitor).
      The start page gives us pertinent information right away. We can see exactly where we are and what is available for exploration on this site. Any question the viewer might have can be answered by clicking an item in the top navigation bar.
      But I was amazed to read the source code. The meta content tag claims,"Printing and free graphics for modern promotional postcards - flyers - business cards - cd covers." And the meta keywords are: "postcards, post cards, ecards, greeting cards, printing, business cards, clip art, clipart, free graphics, graphic design, tattoo designs, idjungle"
      The meta descriptions do not seem to have any relation to the content of the actual site which says, "WHAT WE DO: idJungle strives to create unique & creative designs for each of our clients. Below is a list of types of projects that we have experience creating: Corporate Identity, Promotional Materials, 3D Visualization, Product Demos, Annual Reports, Marketing Materials..." Nothing is offered for free on this site.
      There are no links to free clipart or ecards. The company may create these, but they do not offer them free to the public as the meta tags suggest.
      There is one area where the navigation gets a little confusing. At the bottom of the page is a paragraph: "... Our firm is working with, among others, the following organizations:" But the page ends here, and no organization names follow. We have to click on a new link to get this information.
Editor Notes:
Thanks for bringing the META tag issue up, Bennie
All designers need to understand that the search engines have been giving less and less importance to Meta tags.
      Because so many people like this guy, obviously try to "pad" their meta tags just to get more visitors, (called SE spamming) those tags have lost all credibility. Just as in this case, if you did find this site because of keywords or the Meta description, you'd be disappointed. You would also have an immediate distrust for this site.
      Since we do thematic topics in DT&G, I'm often searching the SEs for relevant sites. Most of the Font sites, and the Clip Art sites have become as bad as the porno sites -- many are much worse. At least the porno sites are honest about their subject. But I have quite often found ad buttons saying "Free Fonts" or "Free Fonts to Download" and you arrive there to see nothing but pop-ups, pop-behinds, and redirects to other font sites -- and all manner of other screen spam, EXCEPT free fonts.
      Today, Google reads the entire page, and through ai, develops it's own set of relevancy keys. The description is used sometimes on other meta sites, but the advanced search engines like Google pay less or no attention to your description and keywords. They know that many site owners, like this one, can't be trusted.
Posted: 10/29/2003

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