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King Insurance

Flash entry, but well done

In the original review request of Shepard Walton King Insurance, the author commented: This site is designed to convey a professional image of the company and reinforce the print and television media.
Reviewed by: Bennie C. Taylor
Overall this is a very attractive and effective site.
      Although a lot of information is included, it is organized so well that the visitor does not feel overwhelmed or confused. The content is well written and describes the many categories of insurance offered by the company; and the graphics support the message nicely.
The tone is friendly and sincere
The home page uses Flash which I find distracting, but it is well done and pertinent.
      Static images from the introductory movie are repeated on appropriate subpages which are set up by category of insurance. This format emphasizes the logical navigation and ties the whole site together very well.
      I do think one complete cycle of the movie on the start page would be sufficient. Assuming I want to read the entire home page, I would find this easier to do without the motion of the animation in my peripheral vision.
      One other point here: the images appear to be transparent. This allows the textured background to show through and lowers the quality of the images to a certain extent.
There is enough white space to make the pages look clean, but for the sake of readability, I would increase the size of the main content text area to allow for larger font. Or, at least, make the font adjustable by the reader.
      Pages look compact and orderly with the sidebars, but I would prefer more space for the text.
Editor Notes:
Good comments, Bennie.

Reviewer and web designer Bennie Taylor can be found at: Mt. Cheaha Web Design.
Posted: 9/28/2003

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