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Business Site: Kligs Kites

Submitter Brad said: A kite store goes online! They offer tons of products from kites ,banners, windsocks and even some ggag gifts. They have easy online ordering. Pretty neat graphics I think. Course I did most of them thats probably why I think they are neat. I would a review so I can give to my boss and maybe one day he will pay me for all this work!

* Reviewer says: The site loaded quickly (always a plus). Although the initial page offered little information, the second page was informative. The navigation within the site was easy to follow. The links were all working. The colors were bold and bright leaving the impression that the product offered also contains bright colors.
__ The only concern on this website was the animated clock which rotates on the second page at the upper left corner of text. It is distracting and difficult to read. Also, the various text sizes and bright colors on the new products page compete for the eye's attention making it difficult to scan down the page. Perhaps same size type or same color type would be less distracting?
__ Thank you for letting me visit the site. Knowing that the owners were native Washingtonians made me homesick yet again... (insert heavy sigh here).

* WD&R Comments: Thank you Cherie Yannone-Hasemann for your comments on this site!
I have to agree with Cherie -- and I'll add that this site has a lot of potential to really be a lot of fun, and sell some product too. Just about everyone loves kites, even if they don't get to participate!

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