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what's wrong with your web site

If you're not serious about a web site critique, you should be. Even if your site is doing okay, and seems to work well, a professional critique can point out many ways to improve the results you get from your site. If you have an ecommerce site, it's even more important to improve your users' experience.

Improve your page, Improve views and results

A detailed critique will arm you with valuable information -- whether it is to validate the work done by designers, or to help you make your site the best it can be.

Extensive analysis and critique

We concentrate on the essentials and on the areas that need help the most. Recent critiques ranged as large as 3,000 words -- so these are extensive reports, not the brief reflections found on other web sites. Your formal critique may include:

The formal critique is initiated by your contribution to the Design Center. Use PayPal to make your advance contribution. Upon receipt and notification, we shall contact you for the details we'll need for a thorough critique. (No PayPal account necessary!) Critique Fee: $150.00 U.S. dollars


Full Scale Web Site Makeover

Full Scale Web Site Makeover fees begin at $350 US, and will depend on the complexity of the site. Expect fees for a personal or moderate business site to average between $350 to $750 US. Extensive makeovers or redesigns begin at $350 and increase depending on the complexity of the site.
      All of the materials purveyed to you in the process of a Formal Critique are your property, for your exclusive use. These critiques may be kept confidential, however, with your permission we may publish the makeover, or follow your progress as you develop your own makeover.
      If you would like a Formal Site Critique, please contact the Web Design & Review Team, so we can discuss your needs.

NEWSLETTER / PUBLICATION MAKEOVER CLINICS you can also get your newsletter or publication analyzed with a DTG Design Team Critique. Click for details!

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