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Montana Real Estate

This is a review of Livingston, Montana Real Estate, original comments: This site is about real estate - land, home and recreational property sales in Livingston, Montana and the surrounding area. It is intended for use by persons searching for real estate in this area of Montana.
Reviewed by: Cary
This is only the second review I have posted, unfortuneately last month I felt I didn't have many nice things to say, so... I kept my mouth shut!
I have got to say I like this site
The color scheme is easy on the eyes, the top graphic blends nicely, and the color and layout format are consistant through the entire site (which I am very fond of - no insist on!)
      The pictures I specifically appreciated as I have just finished 2 or 3 sites using photos myself and crystal clear images of homes and or scenery in this kind of a site are a must.
      Although it may have looked slightly more professional if the font/text had been slightly smaller, I get the feeling from the site that Montana is a "homey" environment and so the sizing works in this site.
      I was a little disheartened that they did not carry the color scheme into the links' colors, but let them default, sad as it would add so much to the feel of this site.
Well Done!
Editor Notes:
Thank you Cary . . . folks, you don't have to feel bad if you don't like a site, or you have little to say that is nice about a site. These have been posted for critique. If they're always "nice" and the reviews are always "nice" then we may as well call it a "Directory" rather than a critique.
      No, you do not have to be mean, or overly critical of a site. A critique basically states what you like about a site, or what you may not like about it -- and includes reasons WHY, and well intentioned suggestions on ways the site could be improved.
Posted: 1/1/2003

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