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lacks style and drama

In the original review request of Andre Obeid photographer, the author commented: Andre Obeid photographer based in Geneva Switzerland
Reviewed by: Donald Peterson
The modern, conceptual photography featured on this website certainly deserves a clean, spare setting.
Something is missing
However, clean design must be skillfully executed to convey a sense of style, drama and emotion. Those elements are missing here, leaving a design that seems a bit boring. I don't get a sense of drama from this web design. Nothing on the home page grabs me emotionally. Nothing stands out.
      Perhaps the opening page should feature a single strong, attention grabbing photo to capture viewer interest along with a stylish rendering of the photographers' name. That would do a better job of "branding" the photographer and making a visual statement about his artistic style.
      In essence, the design needs to do a better job of touching the viewers emotions. Surprise me, shock me, tease me, make me cry . . . engage the emotions in some way on the home page and you stimulate the viewer to enter the website.
Be modern, be clean, but infuse passion in your web design!
Editor Notes:
Photography sites tread on fragile ground. At once they have to be compelling, as Donald points out, and at the same time user friendly. Great points, Donald.
      Donald Peterson operates Newark1 Web Design Portfolio and Guide and from his comments here, he's passionate about making business websites more effective and appealing. I agree!

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