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Us Targhee Sheep Assoc

good site, needs "calming"

In the original review request of Targhee Sheep Association, the author commented: This site is the official site for the Targhee Sheep Association. It is intended for members as well as anyone looking for information on the Targhee breed of sheep.
Reviewed by: John McAliskey
I really liked this site, its very easy to navigate, very simple and subtle. The colours are nice too. I can't comment on the content. There seems to be a lot of it, but my sheep knowledge is baad (sorry!).
There are just a few improvements that could be made.
      Firstly, those animated gifs showing new sections are poo. When several are spinning at once they just distract -- and, they don't go with the overall feel of the site. Perhaps just a plain text with the word new would be more appropriate.
      Secondly, the font used as the title font and in the menu bar is also used for image titles and your address. It is quite hard to read when small, perhaps a simpler font for these.
      Thirdly, The shadows behind the menu bar make it a little hard to read also. Perhaps reverse the mouseover so it is flat normally and with a shadow when moused over, or a lighter/more transparent shadow. These could also do with ALT text to define them when the images are not displayed.
      Finally, your logo seems a little rough and jaggy. Perhaps redraw or scan it with better antialiasing.
      The text and background, i am, guessing have similar tonal values but different hues (im not sure if this is the correct definition) but it makes it a little difficult to read over time. When there's lots of text, it needs to have a little more contrast from the background.
To conclude, there is very little wrong with this site, very minor improvements would make it perfect.
Posted: 4/2/2003

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