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Three Short Critiques

... reviewed by Stacy

Picture Maker

Craig StoverThe Designer said: www.picturemaker.com was established in 1998 to bring a wider audience to the fine art works of Craig Stover. Patrons of Craig Stover get the chance to have their purchased works posted and listed in their collection. Simplicity is the key for this site to make sure that global visitors/patrons can find the works they are looking for.

Stacy said: The text seems so huge like it was designed for either a very old audience or a very young audience, it did not make me want to stay and check the rest of the site out. This is a very visual thing, but if you want appeal that is what you got to look at as well.

WDR said: This is a good beginning for Craig. Miner tweaks will refine the look and give it a more professional finish. For instance, the gutter between the right and left columns needs to be wider. Give both areas about 4 more pixels to separate the content. We really liked the gallery photos -- they lend a sense of reality and credibility to the artist.
      Most importantly however is attention given to the somewhat haphazard organization of the header links. Their arrangement is contrary to the well organized look of the remainder of the page. And should the name separate the three left and two right links? We think it might be better to lead with the name (perhaps more 'decorative') and follow with the five small links organized in a single row. This of course is more a matter of taste.

Trismedia Studio: Wait not worth it

trismediaThe Designer said: I am a web & multimedia designer and Trismedia Studio is my on line portfolio. As a designer i always want to improve my skill and knowledge by asking a review/critique of my works.

Stacy said: In dealing with portfolio sites, I have been taught that the site should always showcase your work and not how amazing you can be with flash or dreamweaver or whatever.

The motion banner at the time of the page ends up catching your eye entirely instead of the work that you actually trying to show. The viewer ends up mesmerized by the clouds floating by and almost forgets what they visited the site for to begin with.

The white space under the banner is good, but maybe applying a little more minimalistic attributes would help carry that feeling throughout the whole layout. Also the speed of intial loading was slow, all because of that one motion graphic at the top...it did not make the wait worth it.

WDR said: This is after all a multimedia designer. While the header does seem a little trite, if it were refined and further optimized to be less of a bandwidth drag it would be great. Our suggestions would be to tighten up the grid of sample buttons -- and make the actual thumbnails just a bit larger. We'd like to see more of the sample before clicking on it. They were all quite nice, by the way, and a couple real standouts!

Lori Burgan Personal Page

Lori Stacy said: Woah! I really do not know what is up with the whole flashy twinkle thing coming from what I can make out to be a cat's eye?! Too cheesy, too much. Seems a little too loose in the layout, but then again it is a personal page, but still. :)

Website: Lori Burgan

WDR said: Stacy, you may be a bit too harsh. The 'twinkle' wouldn't be nearly as bad if there was other content there. This does look like a start-up for a personal site -- which needs more important attention than the graphic.
      First perhaps an investigation on different colors wuld be in order. Unless the green specifically ties into some theme or some aspect of Lori, another color might come off as more friendly to the reader. Remember, Lori, each aspect of your site design should have a reason.
      Secondly, the three links seem a bit lonely. Particularly since they don't seem to relate to anything other than the fact that you liked them and put them there. Perhaps, since content is so scarce, a short description of the links and why they're there. The top one never opened for us, and the other two are obviously sites Lori want's to promote.
      Other than that, the site has very little reason for existing. We don't have any indication at all of who Lori is or why the site is there. The blinking graphic is probably the only thing of 'value' we see. But that too is unexplained.

The designer didn't comment.

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