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Reviewer Joyce Evans visits the "Tomato Cages dot com" web site and files this review:

Tomato Cages

Review by Joyce J. Evans

When I first look at a Web site for a critique the primary things I look for is usability, a professional presence (business sites) and to see if the purpose of the company is meant. Since this is a business site with products I am assuming that it should be professional looking, easy to navigate and that its goal is to sell product.

With that in mind my critique is not meant to criticize but to help you see how it can be improved upon. By asking for a critique I assume you really do want an honest one.

tomato cages Beautiful! I love the images and the high energy red design. A very professional looking design and layout.

Since there is no company name or logo, it appears this is a product site. That's fine if the company doesn't need or want to be promoted. The large Veggie Cage logo on each page carries off the branding for the product and adds the needed consistency.

The links are very well done as well. The rollover adds great detail along with looking nice. The first thing I look for when image links are used, is alternative text links at the bottom÷which I see you do have. This is great for accessibility reasons as well as for those who prefer to navigate this way.

The main and most important suggestion I can make is to move your purchase option higher in the page and put it on every page of the site. It's better if the user doesn't need to scroll to find it. You may consider putting a link below the Veggie Cages image.

    have fun!

Joyce Evans

Fred Sez: This is what web design is all about

FredJoyce, do you raise tomatoes? Well, I do, and as a gardener myself, I instantly saw the real value in this product. The web site worked -- and worked superbly!

So, it looks like we completely agree, Joyce! (For once!) You are right-on in this review -- there isn't a single word I can argue with. I am quite pleased that we can now point readers to this site and say: you see, this is the way it should be done.

Web Designers take note: While I don't believe the rollover captions are really necessary, this designer seems to have done everything right. And, Joyce, you're right when you say we really don't need branding here. The product says it all -- as it should.

Yummmmm Potential buyers will instantly recognize the value in the product because of the fresh, descriptive drawings of the product. The only question here in the reader's mind is: shall we buy it today?

Lavish, tasty photos of vegetables produce mouth-watering results! Here the developer settled for nothing but the highest quality photos. WOW... it really pays off.

The Right Recipe for Success:

Bright, persuasive, delightful. It's a home run. Bravo!

Joyce Evans

Joyce Evans is a web designer, Dreamweaver/Fireworks expert, and author of numerous books for web designers and developers.
Visit Joyce at her web site: www.je-ideadesign.com


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