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Catalog Site: Toymaker of Williamsburg
The sites about toys its intended for buyers to purchase toys It offers no benefits at the moment The interesting aspects of this site is the rocking horse rocking. We are trying to create an interesting, interactive website that has encryption and the ability to buy. We are in the process of doing so at the moment. Any feedback?
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* Reviewer says: I love toys, so reviewing this site has been a pleasure. On the plus side, all the pages have consistent look and feel. I like that they have pulled colors from their logo and used them throughout the site. The headers on all pages are consistent, and the site is very easy to navigate.
__ One concern I have is that the pages have too much information. For example, the product page has large graphics of each product with pricing, and then shipping info on the bottom. This makes the page very slow loading. Also, when you decide to add additional products or change products, this will only compound the problem. The page also has a centered layout, which makes it look cluttered.
__ My recommendation is to use smaller graphics, known as thumbnails, of the products each linked to a page where the prospective buyer can find more detailed information. You have included shipping info on these product pages - I might create a customer service section and put this type of information there. You will free up space for your products!
__ Finally, you have a listing of brands you carry on the bottom of the product page and the toy soldier page. At first I was confused and thought these were links to other product pages. At some point, as you get more products on the site for sale, you will want to divide the product content by category.
__ On the home page, there are multiple focal points - many things competing for attention. Also, I need to scroll to get to the navigation. Try to keep all the important information, like navigation, within a 640x460 pixel window, especially on your front page. Also, your logo probably doesn't need to be as large as it is - it takes up a quarter of the screen real estate. Determine what is truly important to convey to your site visitors and get that in the 640x460 window. What might help is to use tables to organize material on the page. Right now everything is right down the middle of the page. By using a three column format, for example, you could place navigation on the left hand side, your logo in the upper left hand corner, and the introductory text and images to the right.

I hope this helps, Diane

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