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The Toymaker of Williamsburg
The "Product Page"

Hot Items opened with a headline that says: "Product Page", which is relatively large, and begins cranking away. It was Saturday morning at 8 am, so web traffic was relatively low. The site should have loaded a lot faster.
__ Once loaded we found a page chock-full of large graphics files. The page clocked in at a whopping 687 x 1631 pixels; far too big to get the most reader interest.
__ While the pictures and content are all well chosen, scanned, and presented, the page had lots of holes. Upon arrival we see the logo and an immediate pitch to order. That's about all on the monitor other than the tops of several graphics trying to load. By using the headline "Product Page" we're thrown off a bit thinking we were coming to the "What's Hot" page. Remember to always let the reader arrive where they thought they clicked. If the link is called "What's Hot" then the page should be too.
__ Let's see how we can tweak this page to really show off the toys, hold our reader's interest, and move through the appropriate selling sequence. We know the site is in all likelyhood build to support the local stores, and since this kind of site cannot compete with the national merchandisers, the site needs to be purposed as an online shopper for the local market. A shopping cart would round it out -- but we feel not entirely necessary.

Rather than write a long story here I figured it would just be easier to
pop out a page with some suggestions --
let's take a look. . .

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