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Creating Good vibrations

This is a review of Creating Good vibrations, original comments: The art of being personal -- The personal homepage is used by the general public to present their private subject matter to a specified audience. This website presents personal ideas, opinions, experiences of senior designer Huub Koch (46)
Reviewed by: Dutchd
Creating Good Vibrations by dutch designer Huub Koch.
      Creating Good Vibrations starts with making a statement about the art of being personal. The visitor of this site cannot ignore the fact that this site indeed is a personal one.
It's about content
Instead of being the usual click and surf portfolio you'd expect as the recipe for a designers homepage, this site breaks with such convention by focusing on content.
      Not a strange approach for someone who has been into writing. The owner of this place has also been involved in photography, teaching, stagedesign, art and has been a graphic designer for the last twenty years, and a senior webdesigner during the last six years.
      The site is a fastloading example of simplicity by using easy do-it-yourself html, uses a solid navigational structure, great graphics (which refer to other art and designworks done in the past) and has a lot to offer for people who are curious what is going on inside a hybrid artists mind.
      I personally love the story about Heineken's beer, a story that tells us about the roots of Huub's initiation into the world of communication. Huub Koch tells us about who he is and what he does, but foremost he explains about his sources of inspiration: friends, people, experiences, places and things.
      If you like to read philosophical oriented stories about design, strategy, enchantment, art and writing, you are certainly at the right address. Which doesn't mean these stories aren't funny.
      The Create section of this site serves as an introduction to the art of making soup. Soup serves us here as the metaphor for real things that have meaning for real people. The stuff that real soup is made of, tells us about a land which is called Terra Vulgaris and is inhabited by The Tribe, The Herd and the Flock. I won't tell you anymore, just read this piece yourself!
      Also read the conceptpage and the tools + media page which for sure is about games, soup and extracts, subtitled: Fragments of a realtime teaching. It's a long list of interesting remarks that makes you think and rethink about the purpose of design.
Depth and breadth
This website has been worked on for 4 years. It's huge. Who will ever find the time to read it all?
      Next to the subjects mentioned above, you can find a curriculum, biography, reviews of websites and books, a searchengine, a forum and more. The portfolio is only available by password. I've checked out why and the reason is that it is only halfway. What I've seen is for sure a portfolio which is the reflection of twenty years of working in the earlier mentioned fields. To be sure to know when it is ready you can check out the what's new page.
The audience defines itself
What I like most about this site is the fact that it seems to be made without a clearly defined audience. In fact, the audience defines itself. Everyone who is concerned and attracted starts to be immediately part of the game and thus part of the audience. What's more: what isn't said might be of more importance then what is actually stated. I guess this is the strangest part of the site.
      Creating Good Vibrations seems to be a new type of concept for a designers showcase, but it isn't easy to get a grip on. It's a challenge from the start, and that's what makes it appealing and truly modern.
Editor Notes:
This reviewer "Dutchd" failed to leave a last name, and the email was I suspect this reviewer is somehow associated with the site owner Huub Koch. Even so, the review was sufficiently inspiring -- making me want to return for another read through the site.
      And, I have to disagree with "the usual click and surf portfolio you'd expect as the recipe for a designers homepage" because good designers will design just the opposite for their own sites.. It's the "portfolios online" mind set that shoves content into a cookie-cutter template at a cheap price making the "click-n-surf" stigma. A good idea and at the same time, a very bad idea.
Posted: 1/1/2003

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