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Web Design Review - GAMMA Settings in JPG Files
-3 ____ -2 ____ -1 ____ Middle Setting ____ +1 ____ +2 ____ +3

How do these photos look on YOUR monitor?
There's been a lot of discussion about photos on the web, and how they look in various monitor gamma settings. Note in the "Letters@" department, several people have written about GAMMA settings, and how to adjust photos for viewing on foreign monitors. The best way to understand what's happening, is to TEST. Here's the first of your tests.

The photo above was initially produced as a 300 dpi TIFF from a Film Scanner.
The primary basic GAMMA was calibrated to 2.2 on a PowerMac computer, with a 15 inch monitor set to 640 x 480

The steps represented are in 10% increments above and below the middle setting of 2.2
Don't go by the shots above. That's a composite JPG of all the shots, rendered at a low resolution setting for the sake of eye candy, and a generalized overview of the program.

They will open in their own NEW browser window. Shrink the window until you are viewing the image only, and get all 7 of them on your monitor at the same time.

-10% _ -20% _ -30%_ The Middle Exposure_ +10% _ +20% _ +30%

Now, write me, and tell me which one looks the BEST on your monitor. Be sure to include what computer, system, monitor, and monitor settings are. We'll compile the information and run it in another article later.

Please: We do NOT claim to be the experts on such a project. If you have ideas, suggestions, or expertise to contribute to the project, please stand up, raise your hand, and speak up. I think everyone can benefit from this experiment.

I urge you to conduct a similar experiment on your own website, with your own photo. Then let us know about it and we'll link to YOUR photos as well. That way all DT&G and WebDesign & Review readers can take a tour of various photos under different systems, and compare where they stand.

Thank you for your help
Fred Showker

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