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a reader asks about building navigation devices for the web from a single graphic file..
Slicing Images for Tables

Slicing for WWW WWF in Web Design & ReviewWe’ve had a number of readers, in fact, inquiring about this technique. So here’s a way to build ‘faux’ image maps without cgi scripting or client-side coding. It’s simply a technique of creating your image, and chopping it up so that the parts fit.
__ There are utilities that will do this for you. Adobe Image Ready does it as well as a number of plug-ins and even full programs like DreamWeaver. But we can hardly justify the expense and learning curve of yet another product!
__ When they asked us to consult in the design of the WWF/WCW/NWO Pro Wrestling site, the images were so powerful, and the personality so drenched in macho we knew we would need big, rude, industrial-grade graphics. Rather than fill the screen with huge graphics, plus a background, plus buttons and text, it became obvious all of those necessary elements needed to become one. Thus the Clip-to-table technique.

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