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Mr. Pixelsmith Selecting Color for Transparency

...from the letters department:

It's about COLOR

Warm Web Palette Colors

Carol writes in with this question about web site colors...

  > I really like what you did with the site review at
  > WebDesign & Review... Two things I'd like to address:
  > Since there is no longer a link to the AFTER site, what is 
  > the hex code for the background color you used
  > Thank for your critiques. 
  > I'll be submitting my site soon for your feedback.

Thanks for writing...

Carol was speaking of our review and critique of "The Warf" which can be found at the basic premise of the review was to replace blues and greens with warmer colors. I sent Carol the attached file which illustrates the area of color which might have been used. I do not remember, and since the images were reduced to JPG files, the color read-out is not reliable.
When working with web colors you've got to be careful to get the correct mix and hex code -- especially when attempting to match graphic color with tag-called hex colors in the HTML. Always be sure to 'test' the colors too... your painting program may come up with colors that are totally different in hex code.

And that's that. We invite you to stop in and enjoy Mr. Pixelsmith's color columns in DTG, or in his directory in the WebDesign & Review department at the Design Center. If you have questions about color, just let us know.


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If you would like a special blend, or recommendations for color schemes, just
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We invite you to utilize these color chips as you see fit. If you copy the HTML tables from this page for your own use we would appreciate getting credit, and a link back to this page:

Have you had your web site reviewed yet?

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