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Mr. Pixelsmith

Mr. Pixelsmith helps web page designers, beginners and amateurs alike to make their pages better with graphics and color... from the Web Design & Review department of the Web Department in the Design & Publishing Center

Make your web pages better with careful attention to graphics and color schemes. And, I invite your comments and suggestions any time!

HEX Conversion Charts

The WEB department is forever getting inquiries from readers about how to build this or that color. Many want to have a matching PMS color too. Mr. Pixelsmith has gone to great effort to build these 21 HEX Conversion Charts

Warm Color Advice...

This reader wrote for Mr. Pixelsmith's advice on the color scheme for a "Mom's" web site. Of course he had some tips and tricks. Warm Color Advice...

The Value of Optimizing Images

Mr. Pixelsmith follows Bennie C. Taylor's critique of " Chihuahua Dogs" site with some insights into how the load time can be cut by up to 70% -- and then shows you the results! The Value of Optimizing Images

WOW Pastels

Mr. Pixelsmith helps you how to build a wonderful pastel palette quickly and easily! From the pages of DT&G Magazine! WOW Pastels

How NOT to send pictures via email

Mr. Pixelsmith has had it up to here with people blindly sending photos as attachments or embedded in email. Read his lips! From the pages of DT&G Magazine! How NOT to send pictures via email

Which Colors?

Which colors should I use? Which colors go best with my site? Mr. Pixelsmith takes a look at Seeing, Analyzing and Building Colors for your web pages. These color exercises have been presented in each issue of DT&G Magazine! Which Colors?

HTML/HEX Color Tables

Mr. Pixelsmith invites you to use these selections of colors, with HEX codes, to plan harmonious color schemes for your web site. The main chart here was by request from DT&G Magazine readers -- and then he's added some other charts sent in by readers! HTML/HEX Color Tables

Mr. Pixelsmith Answers Questions:

I welcome your questions about colors, color combinations, graphics rendering, and developing images for your web sites. I also help out when ever I can with web page requests from readers and in the web page critiques department from our fine readers.
      If you write for help, I'll either reply via email, or your question with answer will appear in these columns. Feel free to ask your questions any time. I invite your questions and comments at any time! Enjoy.

What's A Rollover Cost?
Someone in the Design Cafe raised this question, and we invited readers to supply their own versions of rollovers. The quest was to find the smallest possible amount of code to achieve the effect. How did we do?
Can you set transparency with color range?
A reader writes in about choosing colors for transparency in web GIFs -- and how to change any color to a different color in any part of an image
Optimizing Big Graphics in Subaru
Someone wanted to know why the Subaru site loaded so slowly. Mr. Pixelsmith tells all
Slicing Images for Tables
Although it's a very "90s" method of building web pages, some designers still like to slice images for table cells. Here are the basics. (This was presented before the WYSIWYG packages automated this process, but it's still good to know)
Picking PMS Colors
This reader asked how to make Gold PMS 146 and Blue PMS 2746, so I generated some color chips from the PMS Color Specifier, and here they are
The Vector-to-GIF Challenge
Someone is having misgivings about converting vector-based color files directly to gifs for the web. Reader Michelle D. Feigen tested Illustrator and Freehand for this report
Browser safe color from Vector art???
An interesting technique for taking control of the conversion process from Illustrator to GIF files for the web.
Hacking the CLUT
In this very old piece, I addressed the question "Can you change specific colors to other colors?"
Beware the Single-Pixel Trick
What happens when they surf with picts off? (complete with demonstration)

This concludes our published works. All of the other question/answers have either been sent via email, or they were included in the now discontinued "pay subscription" edition of WebDesign & Review.

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