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this listing includes web sites in the visual arts... artists, paintings, painters, photography, photographers, galleries, art resources, designer resources, arts and crafts and other sites submitted which relate to the art community.
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Year-long sketch-a-day contemporary art experiment
Ok, here is a review from "Art Juggernaut Cojo is at it again well, he never stops, certainly not this time. Cojo has just launched a sketch-a-day project of his street-pop where he will be doing one pencil sketch every day for a year, giving himself enough sketches from which to compose ten huge paintings, when the year is up. The ten subjects all start with S, the lowest common denominator of the alphabet. Anorexia is a sharp sketch that will be part of his Socialite series, lots of curves that cleverly disguise the facts." - Cojo "Art Juggernaut", posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Daniel Markoya - Christian Music and Artography
The site is online to introduce people to my music and photographic art as well as generate sales. I am open for helpful critiques. Thanks, Daniel Markoya - Daniel Markoya, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
design video and animation
my site is on line to show my work and act as a portfolio. the site is not complete but its running. there are pdf files I need to post and more videos. - kevin Bartels, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Photo Slide Show - Share Your Memories with Style
SlideShow software for creating photo slide shows or Flash slide shows from your still digital images. - lookaa, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Fashion design by "Gajami"
Fashion designer GAJAMI website. In first page you can try to create a collage, by draging objects. Objects are taken from GAJAMI collections and sceches. Our design agency MOIRA VISUALS Ltd. ( have created brand identity and web site for GAJAMI. - Marius Bartkus, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Art works by Mark Vatnsdal
Hi, I'd like to get an idea of how well this site is working. It's strengths and weaknesses. What needs to be added or removed. I appreciate all comments... Looking for feedback on a site designed to introduce past work to galleries and curators. predominantly images of paintings at the moment. - m vatnsdal, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06 Scrapbooking Supply Search is a tool for scrapbookers to search among multiple online retailers for scrapbooking supplies. - Richard Robbins, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Sarah Dillard Illustration
This is a site to promote my illustration work. I have tried to make it light and engaging, while at the same time showing how effectively my illustrations can be used. - Sarah Dillard, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
graphics and innovations
services of 3D design,architecture and other resources - Nicola, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Wisconsin photos by Susan Lukas
My photos of Wisconsin are offered as prints or as digital images for brochures, cards, calendars, etc. I also accept assignments in architectural photography. I'm looking for ideas to expand this Web site and my freelance business. - Sue Lukas, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
REBUS - 3D Animation
The production of 3D animated films for TV, industry, trade shows, events and computer based training (CBT / WBT) is our main focus. - sunil singh, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Washington DC Photo Tour
This site is to provide a photo tour of Washington DC tourism attractions. It is graphic intensive site, please comments - William, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06


Oneiric Realism - The Art of Steve Smith
I designed this site to promote for the artist Steve Smith to promote his work. - Debbie Gray, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
The homepage of a free software that provides easy acces to high quallity , good looking wallpapers. One of the few free and 100% no adware! - Remaker, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06

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