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The last sites posted here for review were in January of 2007.

Alexander Sadoyan's art gallery
Original abstract paintings - Sent in by: Alexander Sadoyan, posted for review on: 0610
AlphaPlugins. Filter plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop
We produce additional filter plug-ins for populare graphical and video editors. We would like to present to your attention a big collection of plug-ins for greatest graphical editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Efter Effects, Premiere and other editors that support Adobe's filter plug-ins mechanism. These plug-ins can add many beautiful special effects to your pictures, photos or videos. Our plug-ins are original, interesting, helpful, qualitative and cheap or free at the same time. That's why the site is online. - Sent in by: Maxim Chernousov, posted for review on: 0610
artist website, mostly photography and video, bit of commerce related work
The site is online to give those interested an idea of the range, styles and mediums of art (for art's sake and art for pay) that I produce. - Sent in by: mark escribano, posted for review on: 0610
Emotional Reflections
This is the first website I have built. (It probably shows ) I have built this website for a friend who wanted to put his photos online for sale. I found a template in Macromedia Contribute that I liked and proceeded from there. I was surfing around "computer user groups" and came across a link to your site. As stated this is by first voyage into web building and I am always looking for advice on how to improve. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. If you would like additional info please email. Thx, Jeremy - Sent in by: Jeremy Knowles, posted for review on: 0610
Fantasy Bob Denver's Best Photographer
Want to become a web page designer. Please check out this web designed demonstration page. Hi I want to become a professional web page designer. I have been studying web page design and have made a demonstration page to show my ability to make web pages. Do you believe this could be one of the pages in a portfolio which could get me into the job market as a web page designer? The page is of a make-believe photographer called fantasy Bob. I did this cause I wanted to use Creative Commons pictures as a resource. Thanks in advance Marc - Sent in by: Marc Miller, posted for review on: 0610
Hayley Barnes Photography
Professional custom photographer specializing in portraits of children, families, and high school seniors. The purpose of this site is to showcase Hayley's work, show samples of our specialty products, pursuade visitors to use our services, and inform customers and potential customers of our creative process, certain policies, and give them an opportunity to begin to get to know us. Please critique how effectively this web design (my first ever) accomplishes the objectives listed above. Please critique from an asthetics view point, and also from a functional/user-friendly view point. What could I do better to convert more lookers to callers, and what could I do better to rise in the search rankings? - Sent in by: Steve Barnes, posted for review on: 0610
High resolution stock photos, travel photos, nature landscape photos
High resolution stock photos, travel photos, nature landscape photos. Order online photo prints for personal use or license images for commercial usage - Sent in by: Maliakal Jose Thomas, posted for review on: 0610
How to Draw Funny Cartoon Pictures with Chad
Chad shows off his portfolio of funny cartoon pictures. Every illustration Chad creates is done on the computer. Also, Chad shows you how to draw funny cartoon pictures on the computer. - Sent in by: Chad Baldwin, posted for review on: 0610
Online Art Gallery, Buy Art, Original Art
The Vision Grove is more than an online art gallery. Here you can also get involved in a vibrant art community and interact with artists and buyers from all over the world. - Sent in by: Greg McGuire, posted for review on: 0610
Online Paintings is the online art gallery for Mark Rathinraj, a prolific young Indian artist. The website is aesthtically appealing with an easy navigation and some amazingly good paintings. - Sent in by: Ramesh, posted for review on: 0610
Painting, design, photography by Valeriy Grachov.
Romantic realism. Original paintings, 2D digital art works and photographs. Stunning mountain landscapes, nature views, wildlife, seascapes, flowers and abstract art realized in oil on canvas, watercolors, tempera and ink. Abstract digital art and Mandalas. - Sent in by: Valeriy Grachov, posted for review on: 0610
Portraits Of A Lifetime
My wife is slowly trying to start a photography business and would like an internet presence. I decided to try and build a web-site for her. This is my first effort. - Sent in by: mark archer, posted for review on: 0610
Royalty Free loops | Royalty-free music | sound effects | instant download
Royalty free music tracks and sound effects downloads. Royalty free music for TV, radio, film, video producers, Multimedia productions and the internet. Features a royalty-free production music library containing lots of different styles of music for immediate download. - Sent in by: Tim B, posted for review on: 0610
The Art of Komi Chen
Komi Chen's unique visual style blends Western realism with a modern Chinese sensibility. As a woman who has spent time in both the East and West, it seems natural that her works would reflect the visual styles of both traditions. Komi was born in Taipei, Taiwan into an artistic family. Her father, Kuo Hsueh-Hu, is one of the country's premier visual artists and considered one of its national treasures. Her father trained her on the fundamentals of classical Chinese painting and calligraphy. As she gained more confidence in her own visual style, however, she added more colorful and dramatic works that reflect a passion for native cultures and landscapes from around the world: from serene Japanese temples to bustling ostrich farms in South Africa, from sparkling Canadian glaciers to colorful religious ceremonies at Buddhist temples in Thailand. - Sent in by: Komi Chen, posted for review on: 0610
Thomas Edetun artist
This is my personal art web site. One section is in english. Hopefully thre can be more people than in my own country that can find something interesting there. - Sent in by: Thomas Edetun, posted for review on: 0610
Tukang :: Bali Web, Graphic, Architecture Design
bali web design,bali graphic design, tukang design portfolio, web design service, graphic design portfolio, printing, browsur, logo, bikini ranges, handycraft, bali architecture, padangtegal, ubud, media - Sent in by: adhi widyarthana, posted for review on: 0610
Upload pictures, animations and ringtones to your cell phone for FREE
This site is for advanced and beginners, It allows to beginners to upload their pictures or small animations (more info on the site) and grab it trough their wireless internet (WAP) very easy and fast. For advanced users such as mobile apps/games develepors it allows to upload their java midlets and help extend their beta testers team with time of uploading saving. Anyone can upload his own unique photos, such as family or pets, and the best thing this service is FREE. - Sent in by: Arye Shalev, posted for review on: 0610


Year-long sketch-a-day contemporary art experiment
Ok, here is a review from "Art Juggernaut Cojo is at it again well, he never stops, certainly not this time. Cojo has just launched a sketch-a-day project of his street-pop where he will be doing one pencil sketch every day for a year, giving himself enough sketches from which to compose ten huge paintings, when the year is up. The ten subjects all start with S, the lowest common denominator of the alphabet. Anorexia is a sharp sketch that will be part of his Socialite series, lots of curves that cleverly disguise the facts." - Cojo "Art Juggernaut", posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06

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