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The last sites posted here for review were in January of 2007.

About Turkey
Web of travel company based in Russia and offering travel service. All about Turkey. Language is Russian. - Sent in by: Aibek Doronov, posted for review on: 0610
Accounting Outsourcing Financial Resources
Integrated Financial Resources provides tax preparation solutions for CPA, Outsource and leverage tax preparation and streamline your practice, Accounting Outsourcing, Bookkeeping, Tax Returns, Lease an Accountant. - Sent in by: Cathie Jones, posted for review on: 0610
BusinessDo - A network to share, find an connect business services.
I created this site for one purpose to help people to find various services in an easy way. As a manager of web development company I often ran into trouble then searching for freelancers to participate in some of our projects. So I thought that it might be a good idea to let the people announce their services, by describing what they need (like us) or descirbing what they provide (freelancers) or do both. BusinessDo helps you to share your business globally, find services or goods you are intrested in and manage your business connections. - Sent in by: Jarmo Tuisk, posted for review on: 0610
I have come across this Review site,it gave good info on countrywide,which says It offers many varieties of services like broad range of banking,asset management, wealth management, corporate and investment banking products and many more. - Sent in by: Allcejones, posted for review on: 0610
good site - Sent in by: dd, posted for review on: 0610
Cruise Ship job placement and job awareness destination
Site is online to educate potential job seekers to the merits of working on a cruise ship. Site is designed to secure qualified cruise ship job appicants to entry level positions. - Sent in by: Niles, posted for review on: 0610
Discount Online Store for Sitars, Bagpipes, Djembes, Drum Skins, Harps
Our online store is designed to sell middle eastern musical instruments to musicians in the United States. Our traditional middle eastern instruments are typically a "new experience" for musicians that play popular instruments like guitar, drums etc. so we have created many articles on our site explaining their history, playing method on how to play our instruments. All of our instruments are 20% off retail and we offer free shipping within the US on all orders over $199. - Sent in by: Alexa Dalee, posted for review on: 0610
e-commerce Pet Shop in Sebia
I am the owner of this Pet Shop store for ove a 20 years. Because I know that meny cities in Serbia don't have store like this, I decided to do something about that. I designed my web site ( it' e-commerce site ) to meking easier to that people to find apprpriate stuffs for their pet's on easy way. Simply, they can meke a order on my site, and with "Post Expres", we deliver them supplies without eny problems. Meny positive commentars arrived on my adress, and I realised, that I'm doing the right thing for my buissines. Internet Helped me a lot, because my work is much better then in times I didn' have this site. I douing myself, and I m interested am I good in web design, because I 'm still amateur. Thanks a lot. - Sent in by: Goran Jakovljevic, posted for review on: 0610
Flawless Computers - Custom PCs
The site is online to sell a vast majority of our systems through the internet. I would like design, functionality, and user-friendliness critiqued. - Sent in by: Brian Smith, posted for review on: 0610
Flexible Event Registration System
RegOnline offers personalized pricing based on registration types, early-bird dates, and discount codes. With the group registration option, a person can register and pay for a group of people. - Sent in by: Webmaster, posted for review on: 0610
Gemstone Jewelry Store Diamond Ring is a online jewelry store offers the finest selection of gems, diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches available online. - Sent in by: Dilan Daminda, posted for review on: 0610
Major manufacturer/distributor of connectivity products.
We are a major manufacturer/distributor of connectivity products. Our products are sold to Computer/ Audio/Video superstores, large volume integrators/ installers and other resellers. We do not sell directly to end users. This site is on-line for the following purposes: 1.) To increase our company's exposure to new customers 2.) To act as a 24hr sales person, selling company's service while promtoing new products 3.) To train our inside sales force on our 3,000 products Please critique on content and layout: 1.) Our the product description easy to read and understand, 2.) How easy is it to search for products, 3.) layout of search results. Here are some website listings of our competition if you wanted to compare websites. All of these companies target the same audience:,, - Sent in by: Emily Tsou, posted for review on: 0610 is an online supplier and specialist of hand-made Photoshop clipping paths. Making clipping paths is labour-intensive and tiresome. But also inevitable. Please take any campaign flyer, catalogue or web shop and consider the amount of time and effort it took to isolate all those images. Now it is possible to order hand-made Photoshop clipping paths online. On you are able to upload your images without a path; and download them again with a path within 1-48 hours. - Sent in by: Bas Kooijman, posted for review on: 0610
Pet Products
I started this website because I have a labrador and she is part of my family. I wanted a site that offered quality pet products that would appeal to all dog lovers and/or dog & cat lovers. I am more interested myself in sporting/hunting dog products, but offer a variety of products on my site. I just want to know what your opinion of my website is and what I might do to attract more business. - Sent in by: Victor Gilbert, posted for review on: 0610
Secured Loans from We Introduce You
We're an old Company but this is our first venture into an on-line business. I guess the main thing that concerns me about Web Design in the Disability Act in the Uk. - Sent in by: Adrian Hudson, posted for review on: 0610
send flowers, cakes, chocolates, gifts to bangalore, mumbai, hyderabad, chennai, kerala (india)
online flower shop. same day delivery of flowers, cakes and chocolates in india. please send your comments to help us improve our site. - Sent in by: Vidhi, posted for review on: 0610
Six Sigma Online - Aveta Solutions
Aveta Solutions Ů Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts. Payment Plans available. - Sent in by: Dan Matthews, posted for review on: 0610
Software Solutions, Website Design, Website Development - Orient Software Development Corp.
Orient Software Development Corporation is an offshore software development company based in Vietnam that offers high quality software outsourcing services for Websites Design, Website Application Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Application Development in Microsoft .NET, and e-commerce customizations with osCommerce - Sent in by: Nhung Nguyen, posted for review on: 0610
SPACIFY - Affordable Contemporary Furniture
Good taste doesn't need to be expensive, Spacify brings affordable contemporary furniture and modern discount furniture directly from Europe. - Sent in by: Link Master, posted for review on: 0610
Stock editable vector maps
Get up-to-date editable stock maps at They carry Illustrator and editable PDF files that can be scaled to the size you need. Maps come in 8.5 X 11 and larger sizes. Map features and text are in layers for easy filtering of what you need to show. Unique colors for text and fills for easy selection. Prices are very reasonable. - Sent in by: Chris Chubb, posted for review on: 0610
Trekking Nepal, Nepal travel guide
Dreams of Himalayas Trekking has been formed by Himalayan travellers, having more than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector of Nepal, are committed to provide Safety, Hygiene & Environment friendly, trip to Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. The company offer Trekking, Rafting, Jungle Safari, Expedition, Travel and Tours to the Himalayan Region. - Sent in by: shyam, posted for review on: 0610
Trigger Optics Headache Sunglasses
Corporate website for selling headache sunglasses. Looking for advice on usibility and willingness to buy after going through site. Is it clear are you compeeled to buy if you were looking for the product. - Sent in by: Steven Godlewski, posted for review on: 0610
Unique Handcrafted Jewellery
The site was developed after myself and a good friend of mine decided to try and turn our shared hobby for jewellery design into a business. The website is powered by OsCommerce but we have tried hard to change the look from the stock OsCommerce format. We designed and built the website ourselves by learning as we went along. We had no previous knowledge of PHP, HTML, etc. We are therefore aware that there are probably improvements we could make, both from an aesthetic and a technical point of view. We basically want a critique of the whole site in order that we can further improve the site and make it as apealing and user-friendly as possible, bearing in mind that our target market is women of all ages. - Sent in by: Donna Garrioch, posted for review on: 0610
US Condo Exchange: The best way to buy, sell, and rent a condo on the internet.
US Condo Exchange (USCONDEX) was created because of a global oversupply of condo developments, and the existence of too many online brokers fighting for commissions. The goal is to commodotize the condo industry and become a condo advertising portal where brokers, developers and "by-owners" can list their condo at a flat rate without having to worry about paying additional commissions to the website. At the same time, buyers from around the world can visit a centralalized marketplace with condo listings from over 30 countries. Also, by creating a "store-in-store" for brokers to showcase listings, we are successfully bringing together all of the players in the condo marketplace to a definitive condo marketplace. - Sent in by: Matthew Pluznick, posted for review on: 0610
Van der Hulst Perzische Tapijten
...try to keep it simple and attractive... - Sent in by: Hanspeter de Groot, posted for review on: 0610
Welcome to Biener Nissan Audi in Great Neck, NY
Welcome to Biener Nissan Audi serving the Great Neck, NY area. Stop by and check out our inventory! - Sent in by: Era Wilson, posted for review on: 0610
Affordable Index Tab Dividers
Xpress Tabs offers affordable index tabs dividers and huge array of different types of tab. We ensure to provide you with the quality index tabs with guaranteed lowest price. - Sent in by: Webmaster, posted for review on: 0610
Alachisoft, a California based company, designs, develops, and markets NCache and TierDeveloper for .NET. NCache, a clustered object cache for .NET, allows customers to boost performance of their applications by as much as 10 times. And, TierDeveloper, an object to relational (O/R) mapping code generator for .NET, cuts down development time by 50%. - Sent in by: Sarah Sana, posted for review on: 0610
Carrental in New Zealand
I have made this site myself for our small rental car company based in New Zealand. - Sent in by: K Scott, posted for review on: 0610
Data Recovery
Professional data recovery, disaster recovery and file recovery services for all types of disk, tape, flash, and optical computer storage media at - Sent in by: Webmaster, posted for review on: 0610
Donutey | Tech Guides, Reviews, and News
I redesigned and relaunched about four months ago with a new design and focus. Since then I've updated semi-daily and refined the design so that it works well with most common browsers at resolutions 800x600 and up. I've made the site to give helpful guides and reviews about general technology topics, from building your own computer to reviving a dead cell phone. Thanks for the review. - Sent in by: Kevin Castor, posted for review on: 0610
Proper Eats Market and Cafe
This site was a Dreamweaver Project that James and Piper allowed me to do for their new organic market and cafe business in St. John's Oregon. It is my first site. - Sent in by: Robin Coleman, posted for review on: 0610
Site for large format printing including roller banners / exhib systems
it's our first html site and we think it's awesome, what do the pro's think?? - Sent in by: james boatwright, posted for review on: 0610
Provider of exam simulation software containing mock tests and study notes with technical articles, tips & tricks, how tos÷ for IT certifications such as MCSE, MCSD, CompTIA, CIW, SCJP, OCA and OCP. - Sent in by: Roger Stuart, posted for review on: 0610
Vital Probes, Inc - Biotechnology company
The site is online to promote, market and descibe our research and development as well as future products. We would like the site to be easy to read and eye-catching. - Sent in by: Tim Alefantis, posted for review on: 0610
WOESTIJNVIS / Desert Fish / Belgian Television Production Compagny.
WOESTIJNVIS (in English žDesert FishÓ is a popular television production compagny. Part of the success of Flanders public broadcasting compagny VRT, is the use of external production houses such as Woestijnvis that created successful formats like The Mole (De Mol). The site had to be clear, legible, modern and attractive to a large audience, but still giving a 'creative feel' where the Woestijnvis compagny is famous about. The critique I mostly receive, is that the text should be bigger and I should leave the flash out of it.. alsi the frames. But my idea is that soometimes, frames can be helpfull (as in this case) and even add to usability, without causing trouble.. What do you think about that? Thanks, L - Sent in by: leen, posted for review on: 0610



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