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this listing includes design portfolios, design agencies, web designers, and other sites submitted which relate to commercial or individual freelance print or web design businesses. Appearing here is not an endorsement of these designers. They have posted their sites not as advertisement, but for review by DTG readers.

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Ali Nawaz | Pakistani Freelancer Website / Graphics / Flash Designer | Illustrator
Ali Nawaz's portfolio as Freelancer or website deisgner, its designed Websites, photoshop wallpapers, some Illustrations, photo galleries. - Sent in by: Ali Nawaz, posted for review on: 0610
Atomik Dezign
I am a graphic designer/artist and this is the first web page. It is a bit of a portfolio for some work I've done as well as a bit of, hopefully, what I can do to help someone promote themselves. I am open for input as to your overall feeling about the layouts, good & bad. Thanks for considering. - Sent in by: Michael Charland, posted for review on: 0610
creative mediapulse technologies
A Media Production company specializing in All types of 3D Animations,e-learning,3d simulation,3d walkthrough,3d modeling animation,Multimedia presentations, marketing presentation,webpromoting,Videopresentation,Animations-website-design,webstreaming,development, hosting, Flash,Corporate presentations, interactive presentations,cbts,wbts,and more... - Sent in by: subhashchandra, posted for review on: 0610
CRF6adv - Web Design Studio
This is an alternative studio for web design and more - graphic design, SEO, internet marketing, corporate identity, IT research in short terms and at competitve prices. - Sent in by: Martin Ivanov, posted for review on: 0610
Daniel Condurachi - graphic design - print - logo / identity - photography - web - flash design
This is my new Portfolio website. I am a graphic designer, or at least I'm a wanna-be. You can find my prints, logos/identity, photos and web-layouts. The website is online for all of you to see it, review it, letting me to know all your thoughts about it. Is it good/bad? Definitely it is still work to do... Help me become better!!! - Sent in by: Daniel Condurachi, posted for review on: 0610
desert shop
This site was built as a final project for a Web behavior course. I am testing the site for usability and accessability purposes prior to submitting it for my final grade. - Sent in by: Juanita Mitchell, posted for review on: 0610
Dlux website design company
Dlux design studio is a Professional Website design company offers website design, multimedia development, graphic design, website development, website re-design and eCommerce development. - Sent in by: David, posted for review on: 0610
emotion effects Karlsruhe Design Studio with heart, soul & passion
We are planing to start an international design network... - Sent in by: Toby O. Rink, posted for review on: 0610
Graphic design company in Toronro
this website is our marketing tool. Any reviews would be very useful and appreciated. Copy, html, usability, informativenes etc. Thank you Dmitri - Sent in by: Dmitri Logunov, posted for review on: 0610
Graphic Design Glasgow, Scotland
G3 Creative is a leading Glasgow based advertising and graphic design company. Specializing in design for the tourist industry and food packaging. - Sent in by: Craig McLeish, posted for review on: 0610
Graphic Design: Logo, Print and Website Design
This site is online to show my graphic design portfolio. I tried to make it as user-friendly as possible and simple to update. Please let me know what you think! - Sent in by: adrial, posted for review on: 0610
Hector Gomis :: web design studio
Graphic and web design studio from Spain. - Sent in by: Hctor, posted for review on: 0610
Idesyns - Web and Print Design
Freelance web and print design portfolio and contact information. I would like a general critique of the site. There are no specific features to point out. - Sent in by: Craig Skoney, posted for review on: 0610
Illustration & Design with a twist of lemon lime
If you could merge the skills of a fine artist, a graffiti artist, an illustrator and a designer's styles, with a twist of imagination, you'd get a good idea of the kinds of work we do. We'd be glad to show you just what we mean, take a look! - Sent in by: Sheldon, posted for review on: 0610
Leading Website, multimedia and software solutions Provider
K.P. Films & Technologies, is a poineer to provide services in Web designing, web developemnt, multimedia presentation, Hosting services, Search Engine Optimizations, Software Developement, Animations, Film & TV productions and sound and video editing. Please give a look to this site it will help you to find suitable internet solution for your need. - Sent in by: Harsh Shaurya, posted for review on: 0610
Logo Orange Design Group
This is the new website of an established branding and corporate identity agency. - Sent in by: Mihai Licanescu, posted for review on: 0610
Maetl Dot Com
Herman Tascioglu was born in 1970, in Istanbul. He was dismissed from the middle school for slapping the school director and graduated from high school 10 years later. He has worked for a long time as shoe maker and jewellery craftsman in Grandbazaar. His first meeting with computers was in 1999 in Los Angeles. After his arrival to Turkey, he worked as web master in data processing firms. Besides he wrote and pictured computing creations in magazines. He wrote music and art critics in Agos newspaper (the first Armenian newspaper published in Turkish). - Sent in by: Herman Tascioglu, posted for review on: 0610
MSK Designs
Web Design Company, simple design just want some comments on how it can be improved on from any aspects that need it - Sent in by: Ciaran, posted for review on: 0610
Plumcraft - The complete Web Solutions
Plumcraft is best way to exploit the potential of the Internet for your business. With a web site it's business without limits. At, we design and develop websites for business's and organizations. We have watched the web grow from nothing to a multi-billion dollar industry. We have solutions for any type of business that would like to go on the web. We design not only websites, but websites that work. Our team efforts give the results at its best.
[NOTE: this sounds like bull to us -- however he did post it for review! ] - Sent in by: Mahek shah, posted for review on: 0610
Portfolio for Norma Jean Markus Inc
Portofolio site for Norma Jean Markus, a photographer rep. The site showcases her client's best and most recent work. The site was inspired by Norma Jean's Rorschach-esque logo (2 mirrored image weimaraners) where 3D letters of the each photographer's first name where used in mirror image for the backgrounds. The site employs intuitive navigation trying to limit any traditional "buttons". hope you enjoy. - Sent in by: curtis mcclain, posted for review on: 0610
Red Loft Studios Wedding Photography
Not your mother's wedding photography. The site is an extension of the studios brand. Click on show me the photos. The whole thing is cutting edge - check it out. - Sent in by: dennis, posted for review on: 0610
Shycon Design Consultants
Graphic Design, Web Design, Computer Aided Design, Animation, 3D - Sent in by: Tim Fanelli, posted for review on: 0610
TAKE photo agent and production
Take is a photographers' agency which can offer you complete creative solutions for all of your projects. We can offer a top quality and international group of photographers. - Sent in by: aleks, posted for review on: 0610
Miami Web Design
Luxor Design is a premium design firm serving a Global clientele by offering a broad spectrum of web design, development, print design and copywriting services to our clients from Honolulu to Miami.
[NOTE: Another bull pitch -- however he did post it for review! ] - Sent in by: shinecom, posted for review on: 0610
The personal website of a Chris Arella: CSS and XHTML validated
This is my personal website, which highlights my life, my family, my design abilities, and my car (yeah, I love my car). I wanted a website that was a reflection of who I am, my interests, and what I was about. I am a life-long artist and an art director / graphic designer by trade, so I needed a way to display my portfolio on the web. I welcome opinions and critiques - whatever they may be - to better enhance the site and make it a welcoming place for all to visit. I look forward to the review. - Sent in by: Chris Arella, posted for review on: 0610
the virtual graphic design source
we are trying to make a comprehensive site for graphic and prepress services. - Sent in by: sandhosh kumar, posted for review on: 0610
The Third3Design Team. Design Proud, Design Beautiful. - Sent in by: Xion, posted for review on: 0610
Web Design Japan
Web Design Japan - A successful Web site design and development company providing fast, personalized, and affordable web solutions. Web designs that convert your visitor into a customer. - Sent in by: webmaster, posted for review on: 0610
Web Hosting Provider
Web Hosting resource & directory: Betahosts offers Affordable web hosting packages for windows hosting, unix hosting, virtual page server and other web hosting services. - Sent in by: Tejrin Raghav, posted for review on: 0610
Website Design Company
A professional, affordable India website design company. We offer website design and all web development related services. - Sent in by: gaurav, posted for review on: 0610
X Digital Media Web Design
I built this site as a storefront for a web design business that I'm starting. A few specific concerns that I have: Is the text too light for the background, or is the readability okay? Also, does the layout flow smoothly, especially on the 'pricing' page? Things seem fine to me, but i've been working on it for a little while, and i'm afriad that my judgement may be a bit biased. Please give any criticisms that you see appropriate, i'm always trying to improve, thanks. - Sent in by: Christopher Curtis, posted for review on: 0610

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